House Prices: How Low Will Yours Go (TV3 Programme)

You know you’re watching.

Overcorrect much? Sometimes I too overshoot.

Baying for the bulldozers on TV3 :laughing:

Over-correction, does this mean it becomes more correct to the point that it becomes more than correct, an absolute correct if you will!!!

Must control rage.

Calm. Count from 1-10. Sherry Fitz and DNG calling bottoms. Calm, stay calllmmmm., another vested property interest, clueless, always wrong, always. Stay relaxed. High prices good/low prices bad. Steady. Steady on. Calm down.

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Watch out! Price Alert! The DNG ooompa-lumpa says they are going to SHOOT back up.

What a sign off, “A Slight difference between them” she said,

the guy on the left said this was absolutely not then end of the drops and the drops this year could be as big as last year, 2012 will not see the bottom!!!

Where as the others were on about ‘opportunities’, ‘over-correction’, SHOOT-UP and bulldozers

Gotta buy before they ****SHOOT ****back up

Overshoot back up.

Who the Fuck is JIM FLEMING ??? I know John Fleming went to the UK for eehh financial reasons but he didnt change his name.
Seriously sloppy work

the guy on the left…Derek Brawn. ex EA or Banker or something like that who said the emperor had no clothes only after he left/was pushed from his job. wrote a book about the property pyramid and is now a bit of a hero. only in ireland.

i find DNG,Sherry Fitz and all these other EA’s really amazing right now…they’re all saying a 65% fall has now occurred but ESRI/DAFT/MyHome saying it’s 50 to 55%. They’re trying to over exaggerate the fall to sucker people back into the market…anyone that falls for that rubbish deserves to see their new purchase worth 15% less this time next yr

2 of the 3 guests in the studio are involved in transacting properties or property-related services. The third used to be an estate agent.

It really is more than you could make up.

Think the guy from DGN could have made more of an effort to hide his rolex. Due to the combination of the low camera angle and his too-short suit sleeves it was really in your face.

Let’s just be clear on the arithmetic here … if we accept Morgan Kelly’s long standing prediction of 70% - 75% falls from peak (and there doesn’t seem to be any reason not to given the real fundamentals), and if we accept the CSO’s figures as the most definitive at about 50% falls from peak so far, then we’re looking at a further 40% - 50% from current prices. Assuming nothing happens to accelerate the current rate of falls that will take another 3 to 4 years.

Why do the national media still trot our these ‘experts’, who are nothing more than VIs, when everything they’ve said for the last 6 years (and more) is demonstrably incorrect in a massive way???

A useful guide to over-correction. … 45137.html

New year, same old bollocks. Disgraceful, incoherent article that quotes 2 EA’s (nobody else, just them) and ends up saying absolutely nothing, and certainly nothing about its stated subject. Rubbish.

You mean Derek Brawn the one stand out, setting aside his alleged passed miss deeds was the only on talking some sense, he made two points, one was that the papers (Saturdays Times) and EA have all called, soft landing, end of reductions, slowing of reductions, falls of <10% this year… and each time they were wrong.
Secondly never have prices dropped as much and the gone up or levelled off the next year, prices will keep dropping.

That to me is the best thing he’s saying, they have all been wrong before they are wrong now , what’s that end of denial into early acceptance?

My take on it is that (big) if last year was the peek of the falls then it’s reasonable to guess that they might fall about 80% as much this year so circa 13.6% then next year circa 10.9%… till we find bottom maybe in four years or so, (big) if the EU recovers and we get growth in jobs at home. - but that’s my guess and it’s just that a guess.

Frankly I want to get on with life so I’m looking to buy, for us cost of mortgage on a house is fractionally more than renting a two bed apartment it’s starting to make sense.

Over some bored housew… oops!


SherryFitz “I can honestly say, if you are looking for a family home, that houses are now incredible value compared to what they were at the height of the boom” - haha ffs Does this tool really believe that people will on mass see that as a reason to go buy a house now ?
What an insult to peoples intelligence!

A lot probably would see the current price as a reason to buy. I am always arguing that the peak price is of no use when valuing a house now but a lot of people are still swayed by that argument. Thankfully, a constrained credit supply keeps them from buying.