"House Prices" now a dirty word.

Ah! this brings me back to the 80’s and the blank pages in Cosmo and Marie Claire, in place of abortion ads.

I don’t know if the posters are self censoring themselves or if it’s a Naughty Word filter.


It’s kind of annoying because I’m not sure what the ESRI said had dropped by 3%. Three letter word that’s naughty. Is it “SEX”? Have you guys and gals not been doing you’re patriotic duty?

Just when you think things can’t get any funnier.


Next thing you know, House Price Tourrette Syndrome will pop up!
First discovered on the PIN!

FECK! ARSE! HOUSE PRICES! - 'scuse me! :slight_smile:

Self censoring. it would have been funnier though if house prices had been banned as a word. I’d say they would love a filter like that. The f*ckers made sure to move it to letting off steam + after resetting my posts i cant even reply to my own thread…

I only posted to see how long before they canned it…

Just keep repeating: none of this is really happening.

Looks like Mr Keane and Qwertyuiop both got into the spirit of the self censoring.

Great Stuff.

I know of one forum that put a particular members Username into the naughty filter when they banned him, so if you searched for any of his posts you wouldn’t find them. (it wasn’t me by the way).

There was a great Abbot and Costello like thread discussing the matter.

A: What ever happened to *********

B: Who’s *********?

A: ********* he was banned.

B: Oh! Cool Name. Why was he banned.

A: No his name isn’t ********* it’s *********
but when I type ********* it comes out as *********.

B: ???

A: ********* was a user that got banned, there’s a filter so if you
Type his name it comes up as *********.

B: So what was his name?

A: *********

B: ???


*This ain’t really alive, ain’t really alive ain’t really nothing but a movie



Straight Outta Austin