house sales figures from the IBF

for all you out there looking for the holy grail :laughing: a tacit clue is in the linky below

Its a bit late for Q2? When are Q3 out?

Q3 will give people nightmares , so in the interests of public safety they are keeping it safely tucked away :laughing:

2nd hand market squeezed as has been reported… FTBs still getting into the water… Interesting to see some Q3 data, the top of those bar charts is basically investors, combine that with the ESB meters data and we might start getting some answers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone correct me if Im wrong but I reading into those charts that the credit crunch has yet to hit hard. Hard remaining undefined I suppose it would be hard to correct me :smiley:
But you catch my drift!

As per Morgan Kelly`s report I posted previously about how banks were still lending crazy sums of money to developers it seems that this ties in with it somewhat.

The worst is yet to come.

We aint seen nothing yet.

The past 6 months aint a patch on whats to come.

Using a simple baseline of 50000 people doing the leaving cert and buying houses in pairs, thats 25000 houses per year needed for FTB’s, FTB’s are exceeding that well at the moment, so this notion that they are all waiting in the wings is well flawed.

Things can only get worse.

Remember the IBF data from Q1 Q2 and Q3 (when released) is pre effects of global credit crunch, the Q4 report in January 2008 is the one to watch.

beat me to it Green Bear