House under 100K in Longford

Don’t know what it is like inside, but it is within 2 minutes walk of the town centre.
Right beside the main shopping centre.

Also suffers from the insurmountable problem of being located in Longford :smiley:

(only joking)

To be fair there is a strong element of Longford = “nowhere, now entering middle”. I’m sure there are people who love living in Longford but thanks to the policies of the shower-in-power I wouldn’t say there are lots of jobs in Longford. I’d say the recession is going to be biting hard in towns like Longford

To be fair, Longford does have some places like Abbott providing decent paying jobs.

Two bed apartment in Mullingar for €100,000 email contacts only though :question:

Down 66% :open_mouth: this must be a record.

Looking at the map I’d have thought it is pretty centrally located - of course, maybe you define Ireland as “nowhere” 8)

Recession biting pretty hard yeah. Shame coz if I had the choice I’d much rather live there than the soulless Co Dublin suburb I currently inhabit.
Let’s just say in Longford, if you’d lived somewhere three months you’d have spoken to at least one of your neighbours and not been ignored :frowning:

well now - I’m not tarring Longford sight-unseen. I had a friend who lived in Longford and I visited fairly often and in fairness it didn’t particularly impress. I’ve been in much nicer small towns than Longford. My friend had a far more negative opinion - he reckoned Longford folk were downright unfriendly. He particularly mentioned the cashiers in Tesco as being a very sullen lot. Perhaps others have had different experience but it didn’t do a lot for me (or my friend).

If you’re talking about Longford town then I’d be inclined to agree. But like many counties there is a strong town/rural split in Longford. There are plenty of nice small towns in the more rural parts of the county, and the people seemed to be far more hospitable any time I’ve been travelling through.

As for the cashiers in Tesco, I’m not sure they represent a good yardstick. Whether it’s Ballsbridge, Dundrum or the Midlands, I’ve yet to meet one who wasn’t sullen!