house viewings - a rant

is it just me or does anyone else find house viewings more and more frustrating?

not just for the obvious reasons (disinterested EA who barely acknowledges your presence; inflated asking prices; hordes of other viewers when you really want to arrive and find the house empty make a quick below AP offer that’s accepted immediately by a keen EA)… no, above and beyond all that what really irks me is the house viewer who blocks the landing talking loudly to their partner/mother/sibling whilst gesturing and pointing at the plans in the brochure about how they would change the bathroom, what they would do with the garden, how they would push out to the rear blah blah blah - are they really that confident?? do they just want to give an impression of confidence or should I give them the benefit of the doubt that they are just oblivious and so caught up in their own world that they can’t just save that conversation til they’re home or back in the car and not make the rest of us feel like we haven’t a hope.
ok rant over :smiley:

The EA who sold my house is fairly straight guy (for an EA) he has one line

“Bulshit skawks Money talks” meaning you hear so much Bullshit from a lot of prospective “buyers” but its all noise. Money in the form of a FIRM offer talks and concentrates the mind

Yup, have been put off by that crap myself. The ‘block the landing brigade’, appear at every viewing. And yet lo and behold! Almost every house I was interested in is still for sale!
Talk is cheap, is my mantra as I manoeuvre around them.
Actually the shower who annoy me the most are the wrinklies looking at 3/4 bed gaffs and loudly telling the EA that they’re cash buyers. I won’t do open viewings any more, too head wrecking.

The viewers who most disgust me are the ones who loudly proclaim “it’s not for living in, only for renting”.

  1. They need everybody to know that they wouldn’t dream of living in the place themselves, without any consideration for the people who are looking at it as a potential home;
  2. Anybody who seeks to exploit others for profit by providing them with living conditions that they themselves would not live in is repulsive, and having to breath the same air as them for the duration of the viewing is something I’d rather not have to do.
  3. That they are proud of their lack of morals is even more repugnant.

Definitely ignore these p$%£*s. I have been to more house viewings than most people (although maybe not the landing brigade). I also did a lot of auctions in my time. I quickly noticed that they were rarely at the auction and if they were they weren’t at the business end.

Thankfully not been a viewer for many a year - but I remember when selling our first house (1999/2000) some very odd people came to look at it, it was obvious in most cases that actually buying the place, or maybe any place at all, was the least of their interest. Running down the place and even the whole area and snide questioning seemed more their priority.
By the time of about 10 viewings over 4 months (all individual) we got 3 offers - EA and I had noted none were from the ‘mouthy’ viewers though.
Is there still a tribe of folk who just go viewing for a class of entertainment? I recall that some couples used to do new-build showhouses as a sort of sightseeing diversion with no purchase intent back in boomier days alright.

I wouldn’t go to a viewing with other potential buyers.

Call me old fashioned, but I thought the point of an EA was that you could arrange a viewing at a convenient time when the owner was out.

If I wanted company I’d go to an auction.

If everybody adopted that viewpoint it will be very difficult for the banks to sell reprocessed property without evicting sitting tenants :slight_smile:

Such an interesting anecdotal and seemingly recurring phenomenon.

It’s not some EA ploy to forment a bidding war in the weary minds of the over-viewed-under-borrowedrhunter-housers, no? :nin

Not really. I’ve viewed plenty of rental properties when the tenants were out.

Not all tenants sit in all day watching daytime TV. :smiley:

Meh, after going to enough of them you can filter out all the rubbish people talk, and to be honest I don’t see too much of the kind of thing being described. Have seen a few failed “I’ll offer the asking price if you take it off the market now” attempts, usually upon entering a packed viewing where the asking price was clearly low.

Playing games seems to largely be a waste of time as there are plenty of potential buyers at the viewing I am going to, and the EA could not give a toss.

I wonder how much theft is an issue during viewings? The one’s I’ve been at have only ever involved a single estate agent with swathes of people in the house at times.

Surely the enterprising tea leaf would make use of such easy pickings: one to keep sketch, the other to rummage.

Had this very thought last week. Was at a viewing where there was literally 10s of thousands of euros worth of gadgets on display. Also what appeared to be expensive jewelry left on a bedside locker. There must have been 15-20 people in the place. Would have been the easiest thing in the world to grab something and stroll out.

I agree with most of what is said above. I made the mistake early on of taking my family with me for ‘moral support’ when viewing. They brought tribes of kids, blocked landings, made loud, frivolous comments, and by the end of the viewings I was too embarassed even to look the estate agent in the eye. It was a game to them, they weren’t interested in helping me, just in exploring and running down other people’s houses. I go alone now.

That said, many EAs are incredibly frustrating. I’m not a very pushy person (which is why I wanted the moral support). Many EAs don’t seem to know the first thing about the houses they are selling. (One assured me over the phone that a terraced house was ‘detatched’, another told me that a one bed apartment was ‘two bed’ and tried to persuade me that the landing was a bedroom…Only a few had any history/facts on the house or details about the remote neighborhood at all. A couple of particular slimeballs seemed to be interestingly determined NOT to sell the house.)

I’ve thought about hiring a buyers agent to mediate the issue but I’m not sure if there are any good ones in Ireland. I’d appreciate recommendations (whisper me). My overall impression is that the Irish market is still deeply corrupt and needs a lot more regulation.

It’d be easy to agree with a lot of thoughts here, but to be honest, I think a lot of people just wander around saying the first shite that comes into their head.

“I’d knock this wall down”
“The garden would no evening sun”
“The rooms are too small”.

People spot the obvious things and point them out. I doubt there are many complete idiots out there that think they’ll influence another bidder by bitch-talking about the house.

Yeah, viewings are mostly filled with trippers, but I don’t think there’s a lot sinister about it other than people jostling for space in an undersized semi-d.

Or junkies going to viewings to use the toilets/en-suite to shoot up in. I don’t think they do it to drive the house price down, but genuinely because they don’t have anywhere else to do that in private (obviously they prefer doing that in a house that’s still occupied as there’s more stuff to use like things for cleaning needles, matches, knves/spoons etc.,).

I’m more suspicious of the motives of the apparently serious buyers who insist on using the toilets for number 2. It’s funny how a bad lingering smell can have a chilling effect on a house-viewing. What would be a more subtle approach, though I’ve not seen it for sale, would be to bring vials of fear-pheremones and spread them in the house during the viewing. Though not consciously detectable, it would serve to put people on edge and create a feeling of dread in respect of the house.

Obviously it won’t put off the cash buyers from Russia/China who are snapping up SCD property straight from the Internet.

What’s the name of that plant, Carrion? Smells like rotting flesh

bring one along, stick it in the cupboard under the stairs and bob’s your uncle…competing buyers well and truly scared off…

id always flush a toilet in a house i was serious about purchasing, and also turn on the shower

so going is a handy excuse.

arrive with “your builder” - ie a friend who looks like a builder and has a tape measure. (think workboots, and a work pants)

thats always intimidating.

Jeez - it’s hard to get a good surveyor, yet alone round up a cowboy, an indianativeamerican, highway patrol man, soldier AND builder!
It’d make for an interesting viewing alright!