Household appliances: which are best/worst?

I guess a lot of pinsters are going to be fitting out their new houses, given recent postings.

So, which applicances would you recommend (avoiding)?

To start it off, I think you can’t beat Miele washing machines. However, I have not heard people speak as highly of Miele’s other appliances as they do of the washing machines.

Which company is best for: fridge, freezer, dishwasher, tumble dryer, etc., etc., if what you want is an appliance that has an epected lifetime of twenty years (like the Miele washing machines)?

Have had generally good experiences with bsh-group products - Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff. Haven’t had any Gaggenau stuff, but if it’s like the rest, it’s pretty much the same quality with a different badge. DeDietrich make good ovens, and their warranty/service was good, when we had to call on them.

20 years is a bit of a shot in the dark for a lot of products though. Miele over-engineer their washing machines, but you can’t really do/expect the same for all products.

For the money I don’t think you can beat Bosch.

Very happy with two Siemens integrated ovens we installed with a new kitchen last year. Went fancy with self cleaning on one which is pretty decent (except you still have to clean the racks). But the cooking and baking is good and predictable even with a high load in there. Also have a Siemens induction hob which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Having used cheap washing machines for years in various rentals, we splashed out on a Bosch earlier this year to replace the awful Finlux that was left in the house for us, and again it’s really decent and worth the extra. I used to get caking in my work shirts from deoderant which actually reduced in older shirts and isn’t collecting in my newer ones - although we’re probably getting better water now too - but there’s an overall improvement in a low temperature wash.

Other than that I have a bunch of samsung stuff (fridge, microwave) which does the job at a reasonable price

a store man in DID persuaded me to by a zanussi dishwasher last year

it was a mistake

Had a couple of LG washing machines. Main interest is the capacity - some models will take 9kg, useful as the kids are getting bigger. De Dietrich hob in last house was good - mix gas and induction - can’t beat it for practical cooking. Scholte oven is still going 12 years later though we will probably replace it in a few. Happy with a Bosch dishwasher so far (7 years maybe).

Still under warranty ?

Thing is people always rave about the stuff they’ve had 10,15,20 years without issue but it’s kind of irrelevant, they just don’t make em like they used to so what you buy today is unlikely to be of that quality.
My Nordmende washing machine packed in today after only 4 years and my mums had loads of hassle with hers, so not them anyway.

That’s true, these days they’re designed the last “long enough” to avoid the makers getting a bad reputation, and no longer.
If you really want long lived stuff, then look at commercial grade.

Sauces, sautéing, omelettes, anything where you want to rapidly adjust heat.

Any recommendation for best dog hair Hoover?

The hob we had would cycle power to maintain temperature. This is fine for heating water, for example, but difficult to manage for simmering or slow frying. There may be noncycling induction hobs available but gas has a finer level of control than induction, imo.

Avoid Hotpoint completely,had their rubbish in several properties didn’t get more than 3 years out of any of them,ovens, washing machine , dishwashers all pure muck.
Bosch or Siemens are pretty much bullet proof ,miele have been trading on a name with diminishing reliability for years.

Slightly OT but can anyone recommend a half decent hoover for less than €100

Our Hotpoint fridge/ freezer has been going strong for the last 12 years anyway and no signs of stopping. I hope I haven’t jinxed it.

Has anyone ever heard of ‘Tricity Bendix’? No, neither had I till I looked at the name of our cooker this morning. It’s an ancient old thing that came with the house 12 years ago (and may have come with the house for the previous owners too…). Looks like the yoke my mother cooked on during the 80s. It ain’t pretty and it’s had two careless owners for over a decade, but it works, all of it. The numbers may have worn off the dials but it’s still making great meals, cakes etc. For years we thought we’d do a kitchen extension or move so we didn’t update anything in our small kitchen that wasn’t absolutely necessary. Finally, we’ve decided to move. I hope our next cooker is as reliable.

In answer to NegativeEquity, we got a little Bosch hoover when we moved in, in 2003. It’s grand - works well, looks nice and is a neat size. Though (probably from rough handling - we don’t like housework) the hose has come apart from the main body of the hoover now. We should probably stick it back together.

I think you can still get a Henry hoover for about €100. I would recommend that.

Last year there was a rush to buy vaccum cleaners because the EU declared that they can no longer run at more than 1600 watts (in order to be energy saving). Generally, there is an urban myth that new vaccum cleaners are less powerful than older ones, but I don’t know if this is really the case. I can’t recommend one; no matter what I’ve spent my ones have been annoying in their own ways.

This link might be helpful: … -explained … warns.html

Thanks all for the advice.

Dyson DC39 or the newer version of this one. Fantastic - have a Malamute and a Husky that continually blow their coats.

Don’t bother with the Miele Cat and Dog - its useless. Suction goes after one year and if you have particularly hairy dogs, you will be forever and a day buying replacement bags.

Does anybody know whether the combination of an induction hotplate and kettle is more efficient than a regular kettle?