Households will pay for water meters

I’m genuinely quite stunned at the ineptitude of FG/Lab in pursuing this course of action.
Not only are they going to charge us for something that’s currently free, but their going to force us to pay for the privilage of being charged,

While I never rated Kenny very highly to begin with, this could be a spectacular own goal. Truly astonishing in it’s concept.

It’s so bizzare that I’m just wondering if they put this proposal out there to gauge public reaction before making a final decision on it ?

Will be interesting to see how much the fixed charge will compare to the metered bills.

In other news today, cigarette companies have blamed doctors for making lung cancer patients ill by giving them doses of chemo and radiotherapy.
FF … FFuck Off !

irish water will be quickly privatized. They cannot be holding much debt on their balance sheet. The process is currently being designed as such.

It’s time for composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, and disconnection from public water supply. If I had the annual average water charge, I could do a payback calculation. Anyone got any ideas what the per m3 charge will be?

Commercial is approx 1 euro per cubic meter incoming. There is no graduated scale in DLR Co Co as far as I am aware.

I’m disappointed in myself for failing to see this obvious set-up. :frowning:

ok, from

here’s how much we use: … n-ireland/

that’s 164m3 per 3 person household or €435 pa water and sewage charge
the payback cannot be that long

A 60m2 roof will collect 40-50m3 pa. Avoid flushing and the average household would be down to 100m3, with some more efficiency you could get well down from that, possibly below 50m3.

The wastewater charge will be pro rata the water that comes in, someting like 90% of incoming = outgoing.

No information yet on the expected charges for private wells and for rainwater capture tanks…seeing as metering them could be a tad difficult.

I took both charges into account. Presumably you will get a half discount for rainwater harvesting. If you consumed no public water and the meter stayed at zero, you would be gaming the system, if you inject your waste water back in. I’d imagine they’ll have a standing charge to take this into account

Erm, how do you propose to get rid of 90m3 of sewage?

As the council measure on input and you will have no input, they’ll apply a fixed rate to your output.

They’ll be taxing sunlight next and don’t forget the air we breathe never mind the emissions :blush:

composting toilets would get rid of a third, efficiency of use another third, and grey water recycling could take another chunk off, but I cannot see how you would get rewarded for this, if they have a standing charge

BTW thats circa 160m3 sewage also

Taxing children’s shoes moment. This will bring down the Gov. Pitchforks are out, 174 comments on the RTE article.

Probably there’s a balance to be struck. If you go too low, they’ll suspect you’re using rainwater collection and jack(s !) up your sewage charge.

On the other hand, this is Ireland, you could probably have negative usage and they wouldn’t notice :smiley:

Eh, yeah. Wait until they get a load of 65% marginal rate of tax…

maybe they should reconsider the Siemans option … er-meters/

Although, I can’t see the logic myself. Meters need to be maintained and replaced, so a rental system should make more sense in theory, as in the commercial scenario.

It must be a sign that .gov is well and truly broke

stupid level posting here: is it allowed to create a monopoly like what is being discussed here ? i.e. I thought you had to be allowed a choice ?

Just like with the electricity supply you can get the meter to run backwards if you pump your sewage back up the water mains. Simples. You should try it.


Might explain Galway…

Was this not in the agreement with the Troika? So people should be familiar with it. I don’t get what the fuss is about.

I think coming so soon after the household charge, it may be a little too much to digest in one go.

Yes - but I don’t think we thought we were going to be charged for the privilege of being a**-raped for the rest of our naturals.

This is all about privatisation - we will make the investment and someone else will make the profit - I believe the lucky recipient will be Anglian Water - they have been sniffing around the country and wining and dining politicians for the guts of two decades.

Again this falls into Phil Hogans bailiwick. Every government has its dogma-driven politician - blind to common sense to the point of being a political liability. I thought that this governments dogma cretin would be Leo Varadkar but he was spotted early and the handlers have carefully manouvred him to places where he can do little or no harm. Phil is this governments bull in a china shop - he can look forward to a lifetime of ridicule in the company of Richie Ryan, Albert Reynolds, Charlie McCreevy, Mary Harney and Michael Mcdowell - welcome to the club Phil!