Households will pay for water meters

Everyone who registered to pay the voluntary household tax had to register their water supply when they registered their ownership of the house right? Including wells?

Eh thats policy of the herdsmen in Dail Eireann since like forever. :unamused:

Seeing as I didnt register for the household charge :smiley:

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On the one hand I sympathise; we’re being asked both to pay for something we’ve never ‘directly’ paid for before, & also to pay for enabling the ability to charge us.

Buttt; Many people, including myself have long felt that charging people directly for their water usage, was a good thing. Then, the other thing is, would you feel better having the Government just charging you a blanket fee for installing a meter; or would you prefer to be allowed to negotiate the installation fee yourself with a certified installer ??

It’s like the BER; you can hunt around yourself & get a lower fee, or if you’re a landlord you can negotiate a fee based on 10+ houses etc.

It ain’t perfect; bit then this is Ireland :frowning:

Welcome of Gombland.

Your paying for the rubbers btw.

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This story might put a stop to further registrations now that people are surrendering not only their shelter but water supply to the State in this game.

€300 would probably not cover the installation cost, particularly if there are civils and pipe routing involved

Although, if you do own your meter, you may have more flexibility as to who you pay. Whoever is chosen to operate the individual treatment plants and pumping stations should be under some degree of democracy. That would be my biggest question right now

Interesting theory.
Here’s something to consider …

**Chinese Fund Buys Stake in UK Water Utility
January 21, 2012 **

Given our recent dalliances with the chinese, perhaps this would just be a little too coincidental.

Shirley none of that is relevant in most cases ?

Regardless of where your water comes from; the meter is only going to be placed a couple of metres outside your house, on the nearest road, where-ever your current stopcock is ?

See this is why we end up utterly fucked.

Each and every time another establishment false dilemma gets undue air time/mind time their is a reflex to debate the merits while forgetting the house is still on fire or heavens forbid we might realise those presenting the dilemma are the ones who look to benefit directly from it and have hand in part of possibly starting the fire.

Then suddenly we discover the fire much to late only to find all the water is not within our control (oh whoops how did that happen…) and in the final false dilemma we are allowed choose Life or Death so we choose life thinking we are saved but in the end we are herded into the financial gas chambers so desperate are we for utter salvation having been kept in the dark by the distraction of the dividing to conquer parasites we no longer know how to question anything of living importance.

there is a bit of pipework involved if a meter bypass line is not already there I’d say … 0meter.htm

Irish people should pay for their water - that should be a given. It’s not free, it’s a costly resource. Water treatment plants are expensive to build, we have a poor water infrastructure in many places which needs to be upgraded and it has to be paid for. We should have been paying for water long ago.

That should be the baseline for a response to this.

The second line of response should be that homeowners should also pay for their water meters - because if individual householders don’t, then taxpayers must pay for everyone and that is not on anymore.

Questions of transparency, politics and privatisation are secondary to this.


As a nation we also expect someone else to pay :slight_smile:

I disagree, I don’t have a problem paying for a water, as you say it is a resource. But expecting people to pay for a meter for a water board which will then be privatized shortly after. The money from that privatization will then be used to pay off bank debt or wasted in some other way by our inept government.

I think the survey by the credit union group of Ireland highlights the real pain ongoing in this country among the working poor, yet we keep running a massive deficit in order to keep the croke park agreement in place. Something will have to give this year as we’re getting close to critical mass in this disaster.

I disagree with you because I believe that clean water is a basic human right. Those that overuse should pay however.

Bit like food is a basic human right :slight_smile:

Tesco might have something to worry about if that idea catches on.

This is Ireland 2012, not sub-Saharan Africa. We are a developed country. Access to water and paying for it are two separate things. And basic human needs and human rights are also two separate things.

@corkfella, I think you’re muddying the waters, so to speak. Whether people can afford to pay for it is secondary to the fact that people should pay for it. Financial circumstances change, the principle that we have to pay for water or other essential services should not. Privatisation is also secondary.

I disagree with you because I believe that clean water is a basic human right. Those that overuse should pay however.

See I didn’t say need, I said right.

Do you think water access is a human need or a human right? I think its a human right. Overuse might be a need.

Water IS free. Just pop down to your local stream with a bucket.

Now, if you want it piped to your house, well you need to pay for that service.