Houses for under 100K

Just did a search on daft for houses under 100k. Returned 353 matches.

Have these always been available or is this now a post bubble phenomena? The dream of buying a dooer upper in the country on an acre seems to be finally within grasp!

How about this one:

Or even this for 58K!!:

they’ll have to add a new property sub-type “hovel” on the web site. doesnt’ fit the classifications of house, apartment, site, etc…

Both ruins, both remote, one lietrim :unamused:

See for this stuff. Amusing and has been selling piles of stones for years.

They really ought to mention the Asbestos corrugated roofing when flogging stuff like this :frowning:

Am I right in thinking if their is a pile of ruins you are entitled to planning permission so really you are just purchasing the site with planning

If there is a habitation on the site, it is ‘brown-field’ so you will be able to get planning much more easily. It will depend more on your design and less on the county plan. Yes, these are just sites with easier planning permission.

Indeed, this is the very reason that farmers/land owners have a tendency not to demolish anything on their land, while it is standing PP is much more straightforward to get.