Houses Selling above the asking Price.

Until we have the database can we please record any properties that are selling at levels above the asking price.

How do you find that out?

Use your own experience. I have noticed 7b Taney Rd is selling at 18% above the asking. Asking 495k selling at 585k currently.

They can ask for what they want - it makes no odds to the actual sales price.

And would it be accurate? What would the practical purpose of it be? Surely the asking price has little value in determining the actual value of a property and can only be regarded as part of the advertising process?

It’s quite a different process from following price drops, because a price drop is publicly displayed and from which you can infer the level of interest, how motivated the seller is, and the general market sentiment.

Strange request.

A thread of Increases in Asking Price would be very interesting, and easy to do.

The latest report shows 16 increases over a 3 day period. And a further 281 decreases.

But who’d do such a thing? :slight_smile:

The other thing I have noticed is that even when a house goes sale agreed this also means nothing. I’ve seen a few houses go sale agreed and then months later appear back on the market at the same price.

What is the point in all these stupid back and forths between you guys?
DDg and LL always coming up with the same old stuff and C2 and BG giving jumping on them.
They’re just setting you guys up for this crap, it’s like watching a bad couple at dinner with friends.

This thread is a desperate attempt to start more sh!t. Just wait until the price database and
start a thread like this, there is literally no way of knowing what you’re asking anyway.

@omt, don’t try and lump me in with BG! That guy is clearly nuts.

Anywhooo, better do some work.

It will be the most referred to thread ever. I think it’s fun. I hope that when the database comes out that they can all go for drinkie poos BD

Hmmm, wondering how the teams will be? I did think it would be LL and DDG in one corner and BG and Coles2 in the other - til I seen coles2 post about BG - interesting. Start a pool anyone?

Your typical EA does not increase an asking price during a marketing campaign. During the boom when there was no doubt that prices were rising it rarely happened. What makes you think it will happen in this market?

Thus such a thread will miss the vast majority of houses selling for in excess of the asking price.

It should also be noted that the number of price falls on collapso relative to 12 months ago has fallen substantially.

A much better indicator of the market would be a sale agreed/ last offer thread. Many readers of the pin are currently in the market and are bidding on properties. We have a large body of knowledge that we are not accessing.

Barney Gumble has clearly lost it :slight_smile:

Price rises in SCD have driven him over the edge.

Don’t forget Sharper1971 :slight_smile:

Very well put. Not a nice thread.

Where is the fucking decorum? :stuck_out_tongue: