Houses undermined by Children’s Hospital excavation

I have some interest in this house, which is on the perimeter of the Children’s Hospital, as a potential buy to let. It has the potential to be a very nice house with a decent back garden.

However, it seems residents on the perimeter of the Children’s Hospital are already embroiled in a case against the developers regarding movement in their houses, etc.

Would securing a mortgage and house insurance now, or for resale in a few years, be a problem?

You would have to be right up against the excavation to be impacted by ‘potential’ settlement. But even then its unlikely unless there are underlying issues. Often older homes have limited or poor foundations which is more of an issue

Thanks. Indeed, but whether it’s impacted or not, or if remediation takes place, it’s still known to have been an issue in the area. This could lead to insurance companies refusing to insure meaning a mortgage would not be possible?

There seems to be a lot of information available on Residents Alliance Group

along with an email address for contact:

looking at it , is it a good distance from the excavation. O’reilly terrace is much closer
The bit i would be concerned about is ‘In need of total renovation’ - mid terrace and less than a metre from a very busy road. If the door open out it would hit the passing cars

Offer of €210k at the moment. Withdrawn from internet for a few days while ‘paperwork is being sorted out’.