Houses with electric heating

I’ve noticed a few houses, generally build in terraces in the 90s, showing up with electric heating. Examples: … -6/3273499 … -4/3384565

Does anyone know the feasibility of fitting gas heating in these? Is there even likely to be a gas supply? Having rented a few apartments with electric storage heating over the years, I’m reluctant to buy anywhere that I might be locked into it.

Also, why were these built with electric heating in the first place, I wonder? It seems like a bit of a false economy…

This is my fave… … in/2900416

320sqm of detached bungalow armed with “Electric under floor central heating with electric ceiling heating”.

Some are speculating that nightsaver electricity will be abolished once Electric Vehicles become more commonplace and that would really hurt those ho heat with electric storage heaters and have no option other than to use electricity for heating.
In my apartment it would not have been possible to heat with any other method.

And BER F. And not even storage heating, the really expensive stuff. The winter electricity bills will probably rival the mortgage repayments. What on earth were they thinking of?

not to mention those lads recharging their hoverboards

Back at the end of the 80’s and early 90’s or so I do remember something that was called like the Gold Shield Electric Home.
This was an ESB incentive package to drive up income to the ESB by an alliance with builders who would install electric heating into their buildings. ESB offered various types of incentives.
This was on-going for a good number of years if my memory is correct.

So then many such places were built or where there were renovations or conversions involved electric was the installation that happened in many such places.

Especially in rental sector accommodation, especially again in student rental sector accommodation.

This is all based on hazy memories from about 25 to 30 years ago so I could be a little off but the gist of what I have described I believe to be correct.

I think the plan is for something more smart, so electric signatures of devices plugged in when being used/charging means you could be paying your motor-tax-carbon-tax-pay-as-you-go… eventually off grid will be the middle of the ocean and even then maybe off-planet will be the only way to escape the matrix and then even again depending on what narrative you perscribe too but I’m not even sure about that! :smiley:

It depends on what how much you plan to be at home

I lived in an apartment with electric heating in the past. The place never really felt cosy but I wasn’t there much so it didn’t bother me.

It meant one standing charge (electricity) rather than two. This is probably relevant if you’re living alone.

I don’t know what replacement electric heaters cost. I do know that a new gas boiler cost me 2k when it sat down and had to be replaced last winter though.

Gas Networks Ireland were very helpful when I rang to ask whether there were gas pipelines near houses I was viewing that had electric heating. If it’s within 15 metres there is a reasonable charge to connect. Won’t help you much with an apartment though.

anyone any experience with Air-to-Air heating - the Panasonic ones look compact and suitable for an apartment even (about the size of a domestic Air Con system) provided you have a balcony or somewhere unobtrusive to mount the external fan

and the Dimplex ones are bigger but “designed for the Irish Climate”

seems like a reasonable way of boosting efficiency with minor investment

Ah, that’s good to know, thanks. From their website, connection charge is actually surprisingly low; I was expecting thousands if they had to dig up anything…

I wonder what the catch is; if they’re that good they’d be everywhere :slight_smile: I suppose apartment management companies might be a big funny about a big box on the balcony, though…

they’re promoted by so prob more suited as a top up/back up for a passive or efficient house. when you get down to very low temperatures you might have an issue - that’s when you fire up the wood stove… (?)

Yeah, management companies won’t allow fixing to an external wall (can’t blame them TBH) but low down on a balcony you might be OK?