Housing Agency warns: don't buy a house for two years in Dub


Housing Agency warns: don’t buy a house for two years … warned house hunters not to ''make fools of themselves by paying too much for a house in the capital.

Did anyone see this article. I think it was in Sunday Business Post yesterday.


Well it’s on the SBPost website but one needs a subscription.


Could be these guys.



Time to sell up :wink: in case the government agency scares away all the fools who are currently buying property.

Sure the supply problems will be sorted within 2 years :laughing:


I think if you have the cash and you see a house you like, go for it.

If you have to get a big mortgage, you’d be a fool to buy a house in a market that has risen 25% in the last year without fundamentals to back it up.


Yes that’s them. That twitter feed links to a story in the indo a few weeks ago which says that the surge in property prices is set to “rapidly level off”, and that “We were experiencing a shortage of houses for sale - not a shortage of houses”.

independent.ie/irish-news/ne … 67380.html


Ah - a ‘soft landing’ ?