Housing and birthrate


Critics are, as is often the case where the problem is something they have an investment in. Everyone wants to blame a cost where it costs them little to reduce it (a small amount of extra tax, say). But where the problem is too small and too expensive housing, nobody wants to say it. Korean shoebox apartments make ours look big (actually, they are the same shoddy shoeboxes just built more UP - my limited experiences of them is why I want the height restrictions in Dublin retained). Nobody can raise more than a single child in those situations. The proof is in the Koreans who emigrate. They have no cultural dilemma with children, with childcare, or with education. It is affordable space they lack.

Anyway, enough about Korea. What do people think the effects of gracious apartment living in Ireland will be?


Ah, memories. Mostly of hangovers, actually.
Thanks for that HouseBuyer.
The sad thing is that the hotel room I stayed in for the time I was there was bigger than that apartment, which was not atypical.

S Korea woudl be culturally close to Japan and geogrpahically. Not surprised to see such asmall apartment. Same as what you might find in japan. It looks as if they are m ore desnily popualted than Japan.

Its very simple. Its said human need a house, a tree and a hill probably beside a river.

I imagine there is a sense of no more room subconciously.
So why is it surprising people feel less compelled to procreate.
There are simple environmental constraints on the result of the activity that surely feed into the general mood.

Plus its not so much about high restrictions as going up is as a result of population density to maximise space. I’m not sure the spanish have a problem with raising kids in high density they still have massive amounts of space between places.

Japan is one big city. Its mad and awesome. Look like S Korea is too.

Never having been to Japan, I can only go on comments made by other posters, but Korea is far from being one big city. [70% of the peninsula is mountainous](70% of the peninsula is mountainous) so there is a lot of open space, but the cities are very crowded. I heard that Seoul is one of the most densly populated cities in the OECD if not the world. They have a lot of people, but not a lot of ‘inhabitable’ land for them to live on.

Interesting, I would expect that, if the babies born in the last 5-10 years stay in Ireland and grow up here that you will see a significant increase in demand for property in the FTB category. Birth rates in Ireland have soared in recent years and stand far above their European counterparts. We could easily sustain these high birth rates into the future by bringing in French-style subsidies and child-care provision.

I also see that Japanese rental property is being advertised at the top of the page. You can get a place for 55,000 yen in rent which, according to xe, is €426. Do pinsters think that this is good value?

That would be this place:

Guest-house would appear to be house share? So you are renting a room?

I read somewhere that they use something like 90% of the world’s condom supply in Japan… :nin

No link unfortunately, it was in the bog cuttings of a local hostelry so it could potentially be made up but it fits nicely in this thread! :stuck_out_tongue: