Housing & Building Co-OPs


I’d imagine the Greater Dublin region (Kildare,Louth, Meath, Wicklow, Dublin) would be popular.


In Ireland, it would be better to form a voluntary housing association (rather than a co-op) with a group of friends/associates and have the local authority subsidize you. Not only can you achieve the same economies of scale but the local authority will even chip in a huge amount on the cost side! I’m surprised more people don’t do this. Saying that, there is an awful lot of organisation involved in such matters.


Coops are a bad idea for detached houses.

one layer of stamp duty is enough to pay on land the rate is 9%

Better to have everyone owning their own individual site with the common areas held by tenancy in common.

At least then the security is in your own name

Anyone have a website that drawings can be loaded up to

I have lots of drawings in cad form

You would need an auto cad reader available for free


Send them to me. I’ll see if I can convert them.
I have done it before.


Can groups of people go Coop to build a wind turbine?
How much do those things cost?


What size one do you have in mind ?

They require planning permission in many cases & in Ireland there is still no ability to connect to the ESB Grid to sell to them.

I think a 5KW turbine runs in the €20-30K range ( supply only )


In Sweden, co-ops are used both for “renting” and “buying” appartments.
People who rent join a “bostadsförening” (a mutual company), and pay a monthly subscription (5 quid a month, normally).
Then after a few years, you’re offered an appartment in an ok location.

Many people don’t want to queue, so they buy an appartment. However, all appartments are cooperatively owned in a so-called “botstadsrätt”. You actually own your appartment by being a shareholder in this mutual company. This way they are able to keep property mgmt fees way down, by having the members meet and decide on how much they will pay every year and who will do the maintanance work. Inevitably, the residents agree to do a lot of the work themselves, saving a lot of money.

Mutuals can buy development land at agricultural rates. Nice.


Does this mean that they can make a compulsory purchase of a piece of land that takes their fancy? Why would somebody sell the land to a mutual if they could get a better price from another source.


Mmm. A fair number of these ended up bailed out in a bad bank of their own last time:


This co-op
brilliant idea
but we don’t need to actually build any more stuff.
maybe it could buy up a big apartment block


not sure how this works??? seems very complicated can someone put it in lay man terms…


I think that is a very valid point, is there not too many properties out there already?


buildingtogether.ie/html/bui … ether.html


Good link. Thanks.