Housing costs to increase further from Direct Provision abolition & Amnesty for undocumented migrants

So in the past year the Irish Govt has announced two big steps regarding migrants in Ireland

-Direct Provision will be abolished by 2024 (7,400 persons as of April 2020)

-Amnesty for undocumented migrants (estimated at 17,000 persons)

The State will need to find and pay for accomodation for most of these. Some will enter the free market for their own homes.

We have two recent reports, one using UK data, the other using OECD data, estimating that a 1% rise in population leads to an increase in house prices between 1.4% and 2%
Every 1% increase in population leads to a 2% increase in house prices - #5 by TheJackal

So the State may be looking at 25K+ persons. Taking current population of Ireland to be c.5m these decisions will directly lead to an increase of 0.5% in population and an increase in a house prices of 0.7% to 1.0%.

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Gript have been slating this estimate of 17,000 for a few months now.

The truth appears to be that they have no idea how many might claim amnesty.

The Department of Justice misled journalists on number of illegal immigrants - Gript

These figures are a floor, but this moron doesn’t know how many are going to flood into the amnesty, you can be sure interest is going to explode around the World, exhibit A:

and the Irish Department of Justice is dependent on Migrants Rights Council of Ireland a migrant lobby group to advise them. It is a new low even for the corruption that is endemic in Irish society.

This country is done at this stage. I’m looking at getting out to elsewhere in probably Western Europe in the next few years. Watching for the concrete signs of change on the continent.
I could in all seriousness see Ireland as a South Africa in 20/30 years time. Living in compounds, high walls, security companies to serve those with a few bob, an unsafe, corrupt shithole. I have to protect my family’s interests now.


Concrete signs of change- where you hoping to see them?. Denmark pulled up the drawbridge already.

The French elections and possible Frexit, Portugal’s recent election, Spain is not projected to continue growing it’s population, the Italians just can’t keep going the way they are. Then we have the fringes of Eastern Europe such as Croatia. Not setting the bar very high, but these societies are further down the road or more streetwise than Paddy.

Paddy is just so f**king lost (so long as there’s sufficient ‘crap-u-like’ for them)- I speak with family and all I get is a blank stare, like what’s that got to do with pints and holidays to New York. Portugal’s socialists I’m sure will welcome more in - although if I’m not mistaken they currently only have 500K in pop of approx 10M.

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The thing to watch is how they prove 4 years here. Since they are undocumented will a declaration do???

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