Housing for the homeless and then some?

Does anyone grasp the logic underlying today’s cabinet decision regarding social housing? Or is it merely the reporting that doesn’t make sense? I don’t grasp how the 127 people sleeping rough and 142 families in hotels require 2700 units, only by 2016. If 35 million is not enough to accommodate 269 people now in 2700 units, how will it be enough in 2016?


Oooh de charity sector is not going to like that at all. They thought they were going to get a slice of the pie…

I was thinking about this sudden flurry today of announcements around a certain flavour of the HOUSING issue and I would say the main political parties are being eaten alive on the doorsteps for the Local and European Elections, squarely around the popular umbrella of the current “housing crisis”. I’ve seen things on facebook to support this sentiment is boiling over for some time in the rent market and rent allowance and so on. People sleeping in cars with there families. Much hysteria etc. etc.

Maybe political Ireland is finally reaping in full what it has sown. The Green’s legislation from the previous government that was allowed carry through under this one that took out the lower end of the market i.e. thousands of the lower cost units put pressure on the rest of the rental supply and that came at exactly the wrong time causing acute homelessness for genuinely vulnerable people and students. As per the norm for our legislative process but the timing. Perhaps they were entirely blind-sided by expending so much energy pleasing the troika just so they could hold onto the figurative golden lollipop they had grown accustomed too for more than one lick longer.

The moles may be bitting,
bitting back,
they are sick to the teeth
of being whacked.
Come very soon
they may even attack.


irishtimes.com/news/environm … -1.1805657

Disagree to a certain extent . Improved housing standards by a huge amount, when there was comparatively a lot more accomodation on the market. Remember that min standard deadline date was Feb 2013, after a 4 year exemption in which to get it done.

sleeping in a shithole is still sleeping in a shithole; how is enforcing a min standard bad ?

Like the pupil of an eye, the more light that shines onto the “Irish property” the more constricted the “market” appears, now we have toxic shock due to decades of ignoring contra indicators.

According to the EAs nearly every property is ‘light-filled’ nowadays - probably explains the constriction so!