Housing "still unaffordable for nurses"


All linked to the elephant in the room,namely house prices that are way to expensive for this economy.

And with the only way for ordinary workers to make up the difference ie. wage demands we are losing low cost jobs (where wages are a major factor) left , right and centre.

Many moons ago the first person I met who owned multiple houses and was letting them out was…A Garda. And he was buying in Dublin.

Perhaps the public servants who used their guarenteed jobs and good pensions during the boom to accumulate assets might consider sharing the wealth with their up and coming counterparts, instead of asking the rest of us to help them out.


So the Halifax are saying that house prices should be approx 5 times income…

Could they be working on 3x joint income?

Women earning 2/3 men or creche fees.

Note, they are talking about houses, not apartments.

So I would say a one-bed apartment should be 3x income. Under a hundred thousand. :open_mouth:

With a two bed at about 4?

god you mean halifax saying mortgages should be the historical norm? what are you mad :laughing:

Surely the nurses were aware of their salary and likely potential salary when they entered the profession? If they don’t like it, there are plenty of agency nurses queueing up to work in Irish nursing.

Stop calling me Shirley…

Ah yes, the old they knew what they were getting themselves into argument…

That is in fact one of the old economic chestnuts. At best, you can choose the price or the quantity, but not both.

Translation. A nurse (or anyone else) can demand any wage they want, but they might find less demand for thgeir time.

Conversely, you can ensure your working hours are 100% utilised, but you will have to be flexible with your wage demands.

Of course, the special theory of Bertitivity declares than the devious one is the exception.

Yeah, I worked in engineering in Ireland – I knew my salary was shit. I did something about it instead of screaming and moaning and waiting for “the gubberment” to do something. I’m working in financial engineering now. I think everyone in a civilised society is entitled to a living, even if it’s the just dole, but to work what you want to work at is a privilege, not a right. Nurses should go out and work as a plumber or a taxi driver or something if they’re not happy with their salaries. Mind you, how much longer the income from these professions will last is another thing.

Nursing is a stable, permanent source of income. It’s a good profession to be in for raising a family and plus, there are lots of eligible men out there who are attracted to the quality of nurses – nurses are caring, nurses are perfect at raising healthy children and nurses are generally down-to-earth. I’d prefer a nurse over a trouser-suit-wearing-Mini-driving-Dundrum-town-centre-PR-speak-sunglasses-on-her-head-in-winter-office-bimbo-been-on-the-pill-since-I-was-15 any day of the week. When this celtic tiger finally bottoms-out, these nurses will be thanking their lucky stars they’ve got a permanent job.

To be fair, nurse could be replaced with “worker on the average industrial wage” and the situation would be the same. In fact, the figures for nurses seem to assume an average salary of 36k, whereas the average industrial wage is currently 32k.

You can’t really blame all those people for their choice of profession. Not everyone should be required to be a doctor or barrister in order to afford a house of their own.

How enlightened… :wink:

To get back to Halifax, everything will be grand once house prices get back to normal. Which unless I’m very much mistaken they eventually will.

So nurses, it’s tough now, but you’ll be grand in the long run, and as a little compensation while we’re waiting you’re in a good Public Servant (albeit undervalued by the state) job.

Even a male nurse?


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This sounds very much like the point where those dependent on transactions going through e.g. estate agents and banks, have given up the ghost now that nothing is shifting.

So, better get the correction out of the way as soon as, so we can start making some commision again. It makes sense for these guys to now become the biggest cheerleaders of a house price correction.

Halifax were pulling the same stunt last September/October 2006.

Flucking hell …

* An average salary of €51,673 for Gardai - sourced from Public sector employment and earnings Dec 2005 (CSO)- **note this excludes over-time**.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Ireland, my country is screwed. I am actually shocked at that figure, and believe you me it takes a LOT to shock me in modern day Ireland.

Great post Green Bear.

Awaits backlash…

I’ll take first stab at it. Not all professions are key. There are plenty of fucking stupid jobs out there where people get paid plenty of money that provide services that few would miss if their industries folded. Quiz tv presenters for example.

And there are plenty of services that most of us would miss terribly, but are certainly not necessary to our lives. My husband works in film and gets paid very well to do so, and as much as most people enjoy tv and film we would survive just fine without it.

That said many more jobs are key than the limited group “key workers” describes. Like GreenBear said we do need people to work in supermarkets. We need cleaners and sanitation workers. Last year the bin-men in my borough went on strike for 4 weeks and it was a nightmare. 15 months on and there is a much bigger than average rat and mouse population.