How about a a new website like

I think the new vi homefacts website is good. Its very simple and its already doing its job. Anyone here up for doing a similar site, content wise, but replacing the bullshit with hard cold facts. I checked to see if hometruths was available - its not. The domain is available. It could be a blast!

I’ll pay all domain restration fees and provide the hosting if anyone else can help with building it.

I’d build it myself but I have way too much happening at the moment.


how complex of a site do you want? there might be free systems out there that could be easily catered to your need.

I can set you up a Joomla or Drupal site, that will literally take half an hour. If you want to glam it up with a nice template or graphics you’ll have to handle that yourself.

For what you’re describing a simple static html site would do the trick. You just want to state facts, point people to the pin for a forum, no need to make the site interactive.

Yes, static HTML is so Y2K but why build an apartment block in the midlands when a small 2 bed cottage would meet the demand.

I wonder would Tom sell us advertising on his site?
Honest Tom, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

“Honest Tom”, there’s two words that don’t look right together.


I’ll help with searching for and posting related news articles (as I suspect most would).
Perhaps the one stated mission of the site could be a demand that Ireland needs (badly) a proper land registry, so buyers can be properly informed re past house prices…so the site could have a motto like “Stop the ladder hijacking”, etc

I can see great potential for a site that mimicks the original, but for the front page banner have Tom and other VI’s with thought bubbles.

Think… Liz O’Kane giving tips on selling hosues, and then a bubble appears saying “I hope they don’t find out that I can’t sell my own house”

Or John “I’m an adult” McGuire explaining how it’s better to buy in Carlow and drive to Sandyford, than rent in Dublin (at the height of a bubble).

I don’t think the country needs another website about property, the pin serves the function very well. This would only work if it’s clearly a parody of the original.

homefiction is available. The dot com version that is.


I think we should get our own Stig economist to give his forecast for various items. Are you game geckko?

We should probably have a leader piece each month (week?) just to keep the frontpage fresh - effectively the 'pin press release?

If it is in any of the MS technologies I can help, just let me know…


Also daltonr, I thought your stuff on “Continuity CIF” was hilarious!

It seems to me that we there is need for 2 things here:

  1. A site giving real property facts
  2. A site which parodies this and other news sites.

I have eff all time for both, but have wanted to set up a parody (think site for some time now. I can help with gag news and technologies. PM me if interested.

I’ve had a hankering for an Irish Onion for quite a while myself, sadly was taken.


Go on lads, this will be brilliant if ye pull it off.

In my experience (and as daltonr has been getting to), it’s easy to do the techie business. The key is content. Getting regular (or even semi regular) content is difficult. It seems easy at first but then the filling of stuff in always drains away peoples motivation.

Make a temporary site. See if you can actually come up with a decent amount of content. Then decide if you want to go live.

I think somebody tried something like that before…

Who knows, perhaps some of the more outlandish predictions made on the Pin will turn out to be as accurate as the the Onion’s Five Blade Gilette story :slight_smile:

I dont mind throwing in a few quid for a pay per click campaign to get website found. Some of the techies here should be able to get site optimised. I will try to get a bit of media coverage if we can get something good up. Can’t wait to see some examples of rent V’s buying using 20 year repayment mortgage rates (excluding discounted rates) and actual rental values. I like the housefiction name.

Too late. have already moved into the satire genre.
They even pretended the following actually came from a real newspaper.
The Indo should sue them for defamation.

The good times roll!
Seasoned bargain hunters and investors are making their presence felt in the market with most agents reporting a marked increase in enquiries and a significant increase in offers made and sales completed in January.

And some agents and developers have reported the return of queues, a regretful characteristic reminiscent of the crazy days when prices jumped overnight at new schemes. Ronan O’Driscoll of Saville Hamilton Osborne King said last weekend was the best one regarding sales in the past two years. “Buyers are returning in force and developers are offering good value”, he maintains adding that 122 units were sold at Barnhill, the Manor Park development in Dublin 15, over the weekend. This clearly indicates that confidence is returning to the market and static interest rates, more realistic vendor expectations and better affordability levels make for a more attractive investment environment.

Let us hope that this time young buyers as opposed to wealthy investors get to pick some good deals.

Irish Independent Fri 15th Feb

The last bit is nice, considering Honest Tom is planning on putting his tax payer funded pension to work to pick up the first bargain that appears in Dublin. Hard pressed FTB’s be damned.

You see what I did there with the “Honest Tom” quip. That’s satire that is.
I think Honest Tom should be our Agony uncle.

Dear Honest Tom,

My girlfrind has been nagging me to buy a house with her, but where we’re renting is beautiful, we have no hassles with repairs or maintenance payments. We can move at short notice which is important because I heard my job might be going to Malaysia soon. And renting here is about half the cost of buying a similar place down the road.

The thing is, if I don’t give in and buy, I really think she might leave me. I don’t want that to happen either. I think “she’s the one”.

-Worried in Dublin

Dear Worried in Dublin

Your girlfriend is right. You should buy a house.
It’s cheaper than renting. In stricly numerical terms obviously
it’s cheaper to rent, but money spent on houses is magical money, so
you see it’s actually cheaper in real terms to buy.

I can’t explain how the magic works right now, it’s very complicated and
involves very hard maths, harder even than the 7 times multiplication tables.

As an example. If you are paying 1600 a month now in rent, then you could probably buy a similar house and have a montly morgage payment of 42 Euro. I know that’s hard to believe, but would Honest Tom lie?

Just take my advice, buy the house, you won’t regret it.
I know I won’t.

-Honest Tom

True but as the VI guff evolves (which it will) the parody and satire can evolve with it, how about

Ok, this is the back of envelope gag, thought up now (after some wine, hic). Now go easy on me. Point being we have to start laughing at this mess and lots of posters here are good at it, but more importantly I would like to start a serious gag site, but it does take time\people, so if interested let me know:

Newsflash: Ireland is different
Property prices in Ireland reach new highs as the canny and savvy investors realise that Ireland will soon be attracting tourists to property crash ground zero. “Had we known sooner, we would have made a bigger mess”, states Laughing-boy from BOI, “We always said we were different”, Comical at IIB. First we had the soft crash, then the soft hard crash, then the hard hard crash and then bang the tourist rubber-neck boom. “Who would have thought that so many ecomists and property moguls would land here to watch the crash?”, embarrassed tourist official states, with strange brown envelope in back pocket.

Just to clarify I’d like to a site that slags off all popular news inc financial (property), politics, celebs, etc.

Only just turned 21?

Welcome to heaven. At the pearly gates, we can welcome you into our managed complex of luxurious homes as a reward for choosing us.

To gain entry to heaven, you must give 40years of your life to the oh wise one otherwise known as the gods banker.
If you still cannot afford to gain admittance for your own place, bring your loving partner. Still stuck?, then you must share your gaff under our rent-to-a-stranger from hell scheme.

All we ask is you hand over 2000 gold coins per annum out of your annual salary of 30,000 gold coins.
To earn your 30,000 gold coins, your required to commute to hell through the maze of fire and brimstone every morning and evening for the rest of your natural life. Our scheme is the cheapest around, it is cheaper to buy here than renting, renting is only for sinners who are being crucified for their dark ways.

Our managed company of 12 disciples will look after your needs for your life sentence. We will make sure to keep out the undesirables by maintaining the pearly gates to a high standard.
If you had seen our ad in the ‘Pearly Independent’, we can offer you an eternity’s supply of sultry women to cater for your needs :smiley: