How can Nama cure our mad, broken banks?

How can Nama cure our mad, broken banks? - Daniel McConnell → … 29170.html

And we trust the residential and personal debt figures from these banks why?

Now what is interesting is that there are plenty of criminal penalties outlined in the NAMA Bill for all such activities and behavior by the banks and financial institutions. Have any criminal charges been filed yet? Will we see any prosecutions?

(This was purely a rhetorical question. We all know the answer)

Isn’t it worth mentioning that Mr. McDonagh seems to be a most straight and conscientious individual? Within the terms he’s been given, I don’t think there’s any evidence he’s done anything other than his best for the taxpayers.

I’m sure Mr. McDonagh is doing his best but I am also sure that a true outsider with the relevant support staff would do a far better job.