How dangerous is the area or how lazy is the estate agent.

the window frame of the estate agent’s car can be seen in all the pictures.
I know this not to be the greatest location in Athlone but how dangerous can it be if the Estate agent is afraid to get out of his car?

Have you ever noticed how many of the rough estates are brilliantly located. This one is close to the train station, centre of town and the Athlone bypass/motorway. for instance if Sheriff street weren’t Sheriff Street everyone would want to live there

Looks to me like he/she has a faulty camera.

I’d say the commission wasn’t worth his while getting out

photos for other pictures from same estate agent look fine.

Maybe it’s a hipster EA and he’s using a Holga.

Ah damn, no pictures of the inside . . . .I wonder what they are hiding? :laughing:

There could be a horse or donkey currently in residence. Saw one staring out of second floor window in Athlone once…

Empty houses are magnets for junkies. An estate agent asked my dad and the neighbour to accompany him to a foreclosed property, saying he didn’t want to take a risk of confronting junkies.