How do we prevent the mistakes of the past?

Interesting thread on AAM. Could actually generate some decent debate as long as Brendam lets it and idiots like MrMan don’t interrupt further with stupid pedantry.

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Jail every member of FF, for starters.

Other than that, reform the planning laws, re-introduce and enforce traditional prudent credit criteria, and somehow get it through the skulls of the populace that a small island with no significant natural resources can only get rich through innovation and export of goods and services that other countries want to buy, and that low, stable property prices are actually a Good Thing for everyone, and that no country ever got rich by selling houses to one another - in fact this is one certain way for a country to get very poor, very quickly.

Until there’s some understanding of those truths, we’ll be damned to repeat this farce every 15 years or so.

Sorry to interrupt with stupid pedantry, but the phrase is:

“How do we stop the mistakes of the past repeating themselves”

and the answer is:

“We learn from them”.

We can’t stop the mistakes of the past, because they have already happened

Close down in this order:Federal Reserve,ECB,Bank Of England.

Prosecute members of those institutuons for treason in the countries they operated in.Pass laws to regain control of interest rates and money issuance in the respective countries to their respective governments.This of course will not happen.

Problem as always,has been how to prevent the banking scum from regaining control when it has been taken away from them by bribing/buying the politicians put in place to prevent the above recurring?

Banks in the western world now control the governments completely,it is now virtually impossible for the people to take back the control of their lives from these animals,the future lies in more subsidies and bailouts for the very institutions that got us into this mess in the first place.

Housing crash,not very likely,housing correction more like.

View the following video to see how we got into this mess: … asters.php

True, you can learn from the mistakes of the past, but that only lasts one of two maybe three generations, after that the lessons are discarded as they are not within the realm of experience of that newest generation.

That’s why we’ve had manias since time immemorial, the South Sea bubble, the tulip bubble, the railway bubble, even ancient Rome had a housing bubble in 63 AD.

The best thing we can do at this stage is let the corrupt institutions at the top fall and pick up the pieces afterwards, whether the government or Bank of Ireland exists tomorrow is immaterial, we still have to get on with our lives and we can rebuild.

At this stage the powers that be at the top of our institutions are comfortable with the state of affairs and they want them to continue, they will do everything within their ability to maintain it just so, but that means the system becomes more unstable, more corrupt and eventually its own degeneracy is it’s undoing.

GB you might be right,the organisations that really control the western worlds economies and finances have probably pushed this credit bubble a bit too far and are themselves unravelling as the system self corrects but, they will never ever give up the control they have wrested from governments and people.

The Fed is currently seeking new,extended, almost unlimited powers of control and regulation over the financial markets from Congress as they say these powers are justified to “rescue” the systen from collapse.The fact that the totally unregulated activities of organisations such as the Fed have led to the very situation that requires rescuing doesn’t even register with Congress or the US media,so why do you think that things can improve from here?


What will be the next bubble?

The only ones I’ve experienced during my short existance on the planet are: the IT bubble, the housing bubble, and possibly the community bubble happening now.

What’s the next big thing?? Any ideas trendspotters?

Bull markets typically go through three phases and they tend to overlap.

Phase 1. The hard core enthusiast, (You know the gold-bug types)

Phase 2. Investment world enters.

Phase 3. Joe Public enters.

Since these three phases overlap, we had investor types get in during the first years of the bull, say around 2003/2005; but then they got in more seriously in 2007.

We are somewhere, perhaps early perhaps halfway through phase 2: and these investors are going though the corrections the gold-bugs experienced in the earlier years and no doubt they will experience quite a few more…

But in the last year Joe Public has begun to enter. I don’t think phase 3 has begun, we are just seeing the early forays going on that constitute overlap. Retail investment still does not offer gold and commodities as an option though there are companies like and commodity funds from custom house capital.

You will know when phase 3 starts (you wont be able to hide from it).

The other area that might be worth investigating is alternative energy, what with Peak Oil et al. Uranium stocks anyone?

Gold, Copper and possibly Silver (short term); alternative energy stocks (2-5 years); asset tracking tech stocks (2-5 years); and water (4-10 years). Them’s my guesses, for what little it may be worth.

With property knocked off the map as an investment proposal in most places and for most people and stocks taking a battering (financials/developing markets) and even commodities all trading lower
it is a bit difficult to see where the next investment mania will be.
That said, even with big losses for individual investors human nature goes that there will be a lot of money floating around to take a punt with rather than sticking it into a savings account.

Alternative energy stocks do have a good chance in the time frame of 2-5 years because they are relatively simple to understand, people will be able to see them everywhere (windmills/solar panels/hybrids/carbon-trading) and they have a huge amount of state support. They have the ubi
quitousness factor that has marked recent booms.

Some regulations will be implemented EU wide end of this year re carbon trading and Japan is about to start or has just started. Remember the money going into carbon trading will boost the valuations of the other stocks in this area. But inevitably there will be an investment crash in the next few years although the whole field will grow rapidly. So I’d get into them now, get out of the sector when everybody stars talking about them in a 3 years. This field has a real and growing future just like the internet did, but you could lose your shirt on a cisco too.

Perhaps it would be best to invest in an alternative energy fund to balance it out and ride the investment wave in for a few years.

I’m not sure why people are so hot on gold and silver, seems like a massive risk to me considering the dollar is rebounding.

sorry, was quoting the original AAM thread word for word XX