How do you respond to EA waffle?

How do you respond to EA waffle?

  • Laugh Out Loud in EA’s face
  • Argue the point
  • Say nothing but smile quietly and knowingly
  • Agree and visualize punching EA
  • Agree and believe EA

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So, your viewing a house, or talking to EA, and the EA spouts something like,

#Houses are selling quicker than we can get them on our books
#We already have a bid in
#No low offers accepted
#Lots of interest

How do you really respond?

LOL Anything else is lying and lowers oneself to their level.

I’ve done that, but thinking about it later, it might not put me in a good position to bargain later. My current thinking is to agree with the EA emphatically and bow to their prowess. Maybe this puts me in a better bargain position? Just had some Laphraiog 10 year old so my judgement is remarkably dubious.

How about some more options, such as:

Leave note with seller
Put offer in writing to to EA office

Good ideas, but adding them will reset vote counts I believe :frowning:

Its just in case the EA doesn’t pass on the offer to the vendor. I’m not 100% sure if they are legally obliged to do so. You could also send the vendor a registered letter to be sure.

How do you respond to EA waffle? Having thought about it I would say if you know it is waffle then with force because they are not regulated and the lies I have heard over the years would shame a FF politician.

Respond with Facts that show you know what you are talking about.

Response to “has a bid in”:
“Really? has a bid just now even though it has been on the market 9 months?”

“New to the market”
“Oh, its been on Irish property watch for 4 months already”

“No low offers accepted”
Just ignore and say “Ok, my bid is X”

“Lots of interest”
“Good for them, we are looking a a few houses in the area and there is lots of choice out there”

“Houses are selling quick”
“Good for you! You must be the only EA like that! What is your average time to sell?”

And so on. I think it is best to engage with them and let them have there shpeel but undermine it in a friendly way with your facts on the area. Don’t be confrontational or they may just decide you are not worth dealing with.

I would just cut them off at the first line and say ‘Please, you are just here to show me the house and pass on any of my bids. Nothing else.’

Hate to say it but it may not all be bull - there does appear to be an upturn in the market for family homes at the moment. Things are selling. So despite his slimey manner (which I hate too) that EA may not actually be spinning you a yarn?

In think banks are lending at low LTVs to people with equity who see a chance to trade up at (relatively) good prices - there is competition out there in certain segments of the market.

Dead cat bounce? Very likely… be patient and bide your time.
Remember there’s no such thing as a “dream house”, and there will be plenty more coming on the market - but you might just get outbid on this one - they are not all phantom bidders!

Damn right your judgement’s dubious, you should be drinking Ballantines! 8DD

Yep. Agree with all this. Have experienced this myself. Was outbid on a 4 bed in North Dublin recently. Seems to be some new year pick up in activity in this area. Picked up a bit in September also. Supply is very tight too.

It’s a dead cat bounce in terms of a pickup in activity but not no pickup in price.

Waiting till next year when I feel demand will have dried up again and supply will hopefully open up a bit.