How do you solve a problem like Dun Laoghaire


I think the Giddy Goose building was sold and new lease offered. The Mad House place will close not because of location but because of the pathetic attempt at running it. I live close by - the signage looks like it was made in a kindergarten art class and it seems to keep bizarre and inconsistent opening hours. As you point out, Shoe Lane, Soup etc - places with a good offering will do well. There is plenty of footfall in Dun Laoghaire - unfortunately the offerings arent necessarily of good quality. On a positive note - Brendella skirts building, the old Goal offices & Cumberland House all have pp to be redeveloped which should transform the area. I think people have a very grey opinion of Dun L. Its a beautiful place that simply needs to embrace residential. My only issue is the lack of good bars - similar to monkstown!


Agree on The Mad House, I pass it several times a week and it’s rarely open, including a recent Saturday night when it was shut, what are they at!? Glad to hear Brendella etc will be redeveloped and I believe plans are afoot for that empty black pub on the corner (although have been hearing this for a couple of years.)