How effective/proactive is Dublin City Planning Enforcement?

Hello Pinsters,

The management company here have re-marked a pedestrian path and bike lane to be a route for cars in our development. This is bad for safety and noise reasons.

I am informed by a neighbour that the changes are not allowed in the planning permission (if I understood correctly, they are doing some things that are explicitly forbidden).

You might hope that planning enforcement would drop from helicopters with SMGs and stop this, but I gather that is an area we are weak at as country. Any tips for how best to ensure something is done about it, and what can I expect from Dublin City Council Planning Enforcement?

Thank you.

Phone and say that you’re worried about a listed building. Ask them to come out and see.
When they come out, clarify that you’d made a mistake about the listed building, but there’s a violation of planning permission to which you’d like to draw their attention.
Oh, and make sure that the management co. is in violation before you contact DCC.

You issue a complaint via email to the enforcement section of the Council.
Make reference to the conditions of the planning and the unauthorised development.
Thy are obliged to investigate complaints.
An enforcement notice will be issued or the developer will apply for retention.

Have the Management Company which owns the freehold agreed or is the day to day management people doing this off their own bat? Was this agreed at anAGM?