How far can you commute?

Now that the Gorey bypass is open it seems to have opened up most of county Wexford as new commuter towns for Dublin. So it got me wondering. What is the furthest (distance-wise) that a house has been advertised for sale as a potential commuter house?

Distance from the commutable city centre is what counts, and use the AA as your yardstick Use O’Connell Monument for Dublin.

The furthest I’ve seen is Courtown,

Time: 1 hr 15 min
Total Distance (Km): 93.83

Thats nothing, heres one for Thurles, 145km’s to the Oireachtas in Dublin.

I will try and find one for Limerick Junction, which is even further out.

That’s just fantastic, I didn’t realise we had a TGV up and running. I’m surprised the seller didn’t toss in Belfast and Galway.

I lived in North Wexford and several of my neighbours commuted to South Dublin. My ex-fiance and her parents did too. I also commuted for a period of time from North Wexford so its not that the Gorey bypass is going to start this. Its already going on!

Probably more practical than a commute from somewhere like balbriggan to citywest though, even though the distances are far longer. Getting through or around dublin is a killer.

I work in Dublin city centre - one person I know who works for the same organisation commutes from Roscommon and another from Cavan. Im not sure what parts of each county. They’re out of their beds at 5 each morning and arrive home about half eight /9 in the evenings. It appears to be seen as a temporary measure (temporary being a few years). Lifestories such as these are what convinced me initially that we’d collectively lost the plot.

The thing about that Thurles one is that its not even in Thurles, take a look at the map, its probably miles outside Thurles, so to get to Dublin via train probably involves a 1/2 hour drive, 1.5 hours on the train to Heuston station (near Dublin) and a Luas into town, all in allcloser to 3 hours than 2.

I’d say it was funny only for there are probably people doing it.

‘People’ is a bit strong. I’d say that if all you’re doing is either working or travelling to/from work, you’re an automoton.

I was commuting from my parents place 5 miles outside Thurles for a few months to D2 at the start of the year using the car to train, and then LUAS/buses.

Won’t be doing that again!

Mind you I consider a comfortable commute to be a 45 minute trip from Laois/Offaly to Citywest - traffic congestion free!

I used to do a half hour walk in Dublin.
While abroad I did 45 mins in hell traffic which I wouldn’t
fancy doing again.
Currently enjoy a 6 minute commute.
Don’t know if I could give that up now I’m used to it.

1 hour should be a limit though. After that I’d put it down as overtime!

Impressive. Michael Lowry must be happy that he can live at home and still commute to his place of work on an (almost) daily basis. I wonder is this what the ESRI describe as the commuter belt in their monthly reports.

To put this into perspective for the rest of the country this is a piccy of the new official commuter belt, excluding the Irish sea unless there’s someone now living in the Kish.

Well said. Its amazing the extent to which some people were prepared to sacrifice all quality of life for “getting on the ladder”. Treadmill of Commute-Work-Communte-Sleep monday to friday, catch up on all the, sleep, shopping and chores for most of the rest of the weekend and squeeze in a bit of real “quality time” with your partner or kids for the rest. Not so much a bad but a really sad trade-off in my view.

Yeah but, yawn…, um, that’s the calculation most people have had foisted upon them if they don’t want to raise their kids in an apartment during the last ten years.

I marvel at one of my co-workers, his commute is similarly insane but he earns significantly less than myself and has done throughout our acquaintance and now has two kids and a wife who pretty much stays at home, not that I care.

But financially, it must be incredibly tight. :open_mouth:

Good man TUG. Sorry for stating the bleeding obvious. :frowning:

I know people who commute from Birr (which is essentially Tipperary) and Edgeworthstown in Longford.


My own commute is a 10 min cycle or a 25 min walk. And I’m always late :slight_smile:

I must add that I lived in Lucan once and by the time you walk down to the bus wait a few minutes and catch one and reach your destination it can take anywhere up to an hour an a half and more on bad days. The commute from North Wexford was similiar yet I had no smelly people to put up with, no walking in the rain, no loud ignorant people, your own radio, your own space, no messing.

And one thing if I wanted to get from Lucan to South Dublin where I worked then just forget public transport or even driving privately because commuting from Wexford is easier, must add that I was not working 9-5!!!

No real limit if you completely ignore the environment…

Plenty of people commute daily to London and live over 150 miles away.
When I lived in London it wasn’t considered excessive for people to drive up to 2 hours each way … not surprisingly I don’t miss the place!!

Recently met a guy that was trying a weekly commute from North Wales to Dublin!

Personally I think your quality of life improves massively if you live close enough to cycle to work.

PS - My first post so just want to thank everyone who posts regularly… all really interesting.

Welcome Wibble! Ahh London ! I once met a French man who runs a very expensive barber shop in Kensington(down Gloucester rd where it meets Palace rd to anyone familiar) who claimed that he spent every second week in France! He was charging enough to do it! London has real wealth though

I hear ya, I have the option of living for out in commuterverse for FREE, no mortgage no rent. Sounds good eh! Well like you said up at 5 in the morning & home 9 at night… no thanks, no really NO!

The sooner teleportation is cracked the better :wink: