How far is 22 Newtown Park Avenue from Blackrock village?

Says a stroll, how long would I be strolling? Also the DART … in/1257653

No idea but thats some cash for 3 bedrooms and a shoe box kitchen. Expensive bricks and back garden to me

I would say about a 15 minute brisk walk to Seapoint DART station.

I would say about 15minutes to the centre of Blackrock

Yes. There is also quite a nice (by day at any rate - haven’t tried it by night) parkland route from between the school and church to Barclay Ct on the bypass and it exits elsewhere also. The paths show up on the satellite view. Shortcuts also from Rockville to Stradbrook Road and from there via gleann na smol to queens park and Monkstown but direct route via temple crescent is probably quickest.

according to DTO the walking time is about 12 mins to seapoint:

google maps is resonably accurate, they estimate 12 mins too,+Monkstown,+Stillorgan,+Co.+Dublin+%28Seapoint+Station%29&hl=en&sll=53.294516,-6.165605&sspn=0.006849,0.01929&geocode=FVkwLQMd6dmh_w%3BFQ9HLQMdsuih_yndodrUvQhnSDEmEdqu6H0RvQ&vpsrc=0&dirflg=w&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=16&t=m&z=16

Thanks everyone, 12-15 minutes is good.
Agree that is is very overpriced (OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS THOUGH), well I think everything still is anyway, just wondering if that general area is work keeping an eye on.

Very busy road though - all times of day and night. Close to mass if you are that way inclined.

400k - good buy. 575 - a bit meh - but should be on the offers radar.

I’d say 15 real minutes to get to Blackrock. Good location though.

The house looks smaller from the road, and the driveway not quite so spacious.
It is near the road/junction, and the (big!) garden is pointing the wrong way but it could make a good family home.

You would need to sink a good bit of cash in however, so the current ask would need to be ignored.

Could not be any less inclined towards mass, am inclined toward Newpark school which is what got me looking at the area. Busy road put me off a bit.

Some competetion now from no. 16 ( which seems to have been recently renovated and is also on at 535k.

Not too gone on the renovation job myself - seems to have taken all the character out compared to no. 22. For example the fireplaces really aren’t in keeping. I can see though that for a lot of people having the house ready to move into (especially kitchen completed) would add a good bid of value.

Where to then for no. 22?

ps no. 16 is marginally closer to Blackrock!!

Looks like no. 22 has a much longer garden.

AFAIK, Newpark’s admission policy is to give preference to children from a specific list of feeder national schools rather than taking children on the basis of catchment area (i.e the address they live at), so worth checking that out in detail and ensuring your children can get a place in one of the feeder schools if that is one of your main reasons for buying there.

I went to Newpark and we used to deeply envy all the kids who lived near enough to the school to get a pass to leave the grounds for lunch - preumably yours may end up being in this favoured category!

I heard on the grapevine that lately being in a feeder school is not enough - apparently not all the kids in feeder schools got a place in Newpark last year (first time that’s happened in many years). The feeders are mainly CoI schools and Educate Together. With the recession taking its toll there is major demand for good non-fee paying schools, so no guarantee of getting in by living near!

Thanks. Yes, I knew being in the catchment area was not enough to get into Newpark alright. Mt daughter is currently in an Educate Together and will hopefully be moving to another COI feeder of theirs, a bit worrying that that may not even be enough though!
I don’t know what you are supposed to do 'round there if you can’t afford or don’t want a private school.

I’ve heard alleged insider info that certain southside private schools are under pressure from the dept of Ed to go into the free scheme - to even up the balance of fee paying vs non in particular areas… it will be interesting to see if anything happens or it is all talk!

There’s at least one private school in the SCD area that will be going free in the future.

I have made sure to get my daughters name down already ahead of the rush!

Back on topic. House is on a very busy road but still far from the good stfuff. If you need chips, ibruprofen, Spar own brand and confession - perfect.

In the process of sorting this issue myself for my eldest for next september so would appreciate a pm.