How Long before we see FF Raffle a House?

You get the feeling its all a bit of fun and those entering don’t even need a prize like this. I wonder did they get a good deal or sponsorship on the cars hmm…

(in relation to a posters earlier suggestion of raffling your house, €10 a ticket if you where having trouble shifting it)

I do believe you were beaten to the punch: … ght=raffle

we may already have one

Fuck them if its not a 3 series, SE spec minimum.

1 series is too blueshirtish :frowning:

that’s oldskool injoke

The BMW for the man who can’t afford a BMW…

As the salesman in Maxwell motors once told me, “The 1 series is for getting on the BMW ladder”

ahh ladders…

Like the porsche boxter … you just know they want a 911, but cant afford it.

Speaking of porches and BMWs heard a great line on about them once.


A BMW is for people who are worried about what people think of their lawn, a porsche is for people who are worried about what people think of their hair piece - classic!!

Anyone remember Barney Curley who raffled his gaff years agp, big old country pile somewhere down in the sticks, must have been late 70’s or early 80’s, it was big news at the time, I seem to remember him on the Late Late Show about it!

Now in all honesty with all the gubberment Mercs you would think Mercedes would have at least sponsored a vehicle, I mean jaysus how do expect the wife of a developer to get into a Renault FFS. :open_mouth:

Is there not a raffle already going on in Ennis, where if you buy a house in an estate, you get entered into a raffle to win another?

I was following that the thread was suppose to say “HOw Long Befroe We See FF Raffle a HOuse” :blush: doh, I’ll change that.

Fianna Failure obviously think this will go some way to reducing the 2 million euro debt the party is currently in (OW check your emails)

Surely after Celia repayed that ‘loan’ with interest in must be a bit less

Are these the kind of raffles that Bertie is spending Eu 400-500 a week on :laughing:

Were the prizes “gifts” to the party and declared or did Bertie just take them as his own??? :smiley:

I’ve just seen on autotrader a car with "with an extensive service history portfolio. "

and there was me thinking that BMW funding meant Borders, Midland and the West.


Here in Dublin 7, it stands for ‘Break My Window’.