How Long Does Grant of Probate Take

I am trying to rapidly get myself up-to-speed on executor sales as I am very close to putting an offer in on an executor sale property.

The estate agent has said that grant of probate has just been applied for and they expect it to be granted in about two weeks. Obviously I’ve got to take anything they say with a pinch of salt.

A quick google suggests that it might take a lot longer.

Does anyone have any idea how long it might take for a reasonably straightforward estate?


I’m assuming there’s no dispute about the will or the estate.

If the grant has been applied for in the Probate Office (or District Probate Registry if you’re down the country) it will depend on two things.

First, any queries raised by the office. If all is in order, then there should be no queries. Don’t bank on that. The length of time this part takes depends on how quickly the solicitor gets back to the office with answers.

Second, office backlog. It used to be that the Probate Office would have a grant out in two weeks, but it can be up to twelve weeks if there is a big backlog. Ring the Probate Office and ask them what the expected time on a grant of probate is at present.

Sorry for the “it depends” answer, but it does depend.

Thanks for that, I’ll contact the Probate Office.

If the Grant of Probate is delayed (slightly) is it possible for the normal sales process to continue while waiting for the Grant? Is the dependency on the Grant at a later stage in the process or does it need to be granted pretty early in the process to enable progress?

Just trying to determine the potential seriousness of a delay.

Grant definitely needed at closing. If all is progressing well then it’s usually not a concern so long as it has been extracted by the closing date.

By that stage you’ll have a solicitor on board so you’ll be getting plenty of advice from him / her in advance of closing.