How long does it take to widen a road?

In Ireland more then two year it seems to widen just 14km of (almost) straight road(the n7 at Naas). This would be done in a month in China or Japan. Are we still using 1960s tech in this country?, it’s not like you need teams of thousands for such projects. Is this corruption again?

Any time im driving up and down the n7 there is fuck all activity, just a few lads every few kilometres. It shouldn’t take so long for the parts outside the bypass.

“The full scheme is to be completed by 2020”. … -1.3229645

The Chinese don’t give a X X X X about the locals who would be affected by the construction and they throw huge numbers at it.

About 20 years - witness Galway bypass

Depends who’s doing the work. There is a bend in the road near me that the council are straightening and have been working on it for 2 years now. Meanwhile a friend of mine got a new 1Km road on his farm. Took the contractor about 2 weeks.

I think a private firm got this contract.

are they still working on that flood protection thing on the South Quays of Dublin (City Quay/ Georges Quay IIRC). OPW job :unamused:

About 70 years, look at the Moycullen road west of Bushypark. :frowning:

Yes but it doesn’t have to be engineered and built to modern safety standards, to drain immediately after heavy rain, and only has to deal with 3 orders of magnitude traffic volume that the M7 has to…