How long is a piece of string? 23 Ashfield Park WIW … 6w/2031393

How much would it cost to get this house into reasonable condition for family living?

To the nearest €10k.

In your opinion.

(And I’ve already said it, so at this point it goes without saying).

How’s the roof?

Nice house and area. I reckon you’d need 100k at least, but there’d be others here better placed to explain the details. I see the original layout has been retained even though it’s used as four separate units/flats. Would you be able to live in it while it was being upgraded?

I did the following in a non-period house recently - 40 year old house 4 bed 1900 sq ft detached

replaced windows throughout
Insulate internally (& replaster) and insulate under floors
Insulate attic
2 new bathrooms
new doors, skirting, architrave throughout
reroofed large flatroof
new wooden floors downstairs
good quality carpets upstairs
good quality built-in-wardrobes in 2 rooms
painting throughout including all woodwork & existing wooden kitchen presses (came up lovely btw)
New front-door/windows in porch area
some plumbing
full gas replacement including pipes and radiators

basically the only thing I didn’t do was put in a new kitchen but you could easily do this for 5 - 10 k

Anyway it cost me approx 60k

Forgot to mention - replaced all guttering and sofit & fascia

Thanks all

Can you give an idea on how much those jobs cost you? I’m interested in the bolded items. I’m looking to get similar work done.

Hard to give exact quotes on some of this because of the way the builder grouped the types of work when providing this quote - hopefully this will help

replaced windows throughout - 6.5k (larger than normal windows plus 2 french doors - went for cream “woodlook” pvc double-glazed)
Insulate internally (& replaster) and insulate under floors - hard to give exact cost - would estimate wall insulation less than 4k ( cost me 5k to do this and various other wall work e.g. remove all old wardrobes and fix walls, block up work etc). Floor insulate done with floors below
Insulate attic - less than 1k
new wooden floors downstairs - 6mm semi-solid oak floors cost about 2k and then approx 4k to fit them with underfloor insulation and all new skirting, architraving throughout

are you a builder yourself and that’s how it cost 60k or was it all done by Contractors?

thanks for that.

No - it was all done by contractors

1 more question if you will…how much do you think a renovation job like this one would cost?
cos going from what i’ve read on here on similar posts in the past, I’d have assumed 100-150k

sale agreed

#23 sold for 430k on 17/1/13

#18 now on the market at 750k … 6w/2813457
1,510 sq ft or 497 per sq ft
Walk in condition, though the lack of pics of the ‘galley’ kitchen tells you how small that is! The tiny back garden also a big turn off (despite the ad saying large back garden at 30ft!!)
Who is buying these houses at these prices???

Oh, nearly forgot to mention…this is also on the register in Feb 2010 at 0.5m. So not sure whether it has anything done since then, but thats a 50% increase they’re looking for their

Not many I think, is it just me who is seeing a lot of price drops in Dublin as moronic prices are finally exhausting buyers?