how long till 400k buys this ?

400k is what I think its worth - how long do I have to wait till I can move in ? :mrgreen:

Is that 400k in cash? Because your mortgage approval might be underwater by the time that little beauty hits 400k.

I would give you 250k for that. No more, no less.

yea - thats what I am worried about - but I am not going to overpay for a place just because I can get a mortgage for it.
might go to 450 then.

Looks like the present owners have already moved out, so they might come under pressure with their bridging finance (assuming…!) if things drag out. Can’t see it going to €400k this year though.

can I assume that your pessimistic view of my acquiring this for 400k signals your belief that this place is worth much more than that ?

To be honest I think 400k is a touch optimistic however I am seriously considering 500k for it - a long shot I admit but I am valuing it based on what it will be worth at years end and the fact its been up for rent for quite some time too.

Not too long, try at end of summer.

That is a €400k house, alright.

You’ll have to wait as long as it takes; Bank starts turning the screws or whatever.

But it will happen. Nice house, btw.


Why would you NOT pay LESS?

This property has gone sale agreed. Don’t know the final price but was told before it went sale agreed there was an offer much closer to 699 than 400!
We thought it was a nice house - tennis courts in your back garden, though.

Best of luck in your search.

yea - I see its gone missing from myhome -
I only ever pitched it at 400k to ask the question in a different manner than the usual way. Its surely worth considerably more ( and I was willing to pay it ) - guess we just waited too long !
Any idea what it went for ?