How low can you go?!

Hi there…first time poster.

I’ve never bid on any properties before but i’ve seen a place on daft that has an asking price of €175k. I’m not actively in the market looking to buy but if the right place came up at the right time, then i’d obviously look to buy. On this particular property, i’d be willing to spend €125k but i’m just wonderng how low you can realistically go on a bid without insulting people.

I think that the consensus around here is, if they’re not insulted, then it’s too high.

OR, If you’re not embarrassed by your offer then it’s too high.

Meanwhile in the real life asylum that is ireland, you’ll likely be laughed at at 125k. If its priced with likeness to other nearby properties, then it will sell at the price.

Well they already know you want it for as low a price as possible so I cant see how they would be insulted. Arent you insulted that their asking price is too high?

Sure if i get laughed out of it for an offer of 125k, then so be it. I’d be laughing even more if they actually accepted it!

How can now possibly be the right time ?
The country is turning to shit, you’ll be able to buy it for 90k in 18 months if your still mad about it - or a much nicer pad for the same money.

I think you’re spot on. To be honest twas more a moment of madness today. I’m in no rush so i’m just gonna wait for the bottom. It’s not as if it’s gonna rebound once the bottom is struck! Thanks for the advice though.

Any day now…