How many developers will make a comeback ?

Over the years across the globe entrepreneurs have made and then lost fortunes,only to make spectacular comebacks due to their flair,persistence and hardwork.

How many well known helicoptor owning ,Bently driving,property developers living in spectacular mansions have the ability to make a comeback once theyve lost their former property empires,in other words how many were accidental millionaires? Just be interested to know Pinsters thoughts! … owers.aspx

If yer in the Golden Circle I’d say Brian will sell you back your assets at 10 cent in the Euro and even lend you the money to buy them with. 8DD


I was just about to say, it depend on your connections with the bank … Or with nama… Or the governement…
Hey, they are actually all connected, then it depend on where the developer "accidently"end up ( buying ) “his golden” circle…
As an exemple, I pass by Abbeyleix lately, new developement for sale at reduce price, bla bla bla… This guy is not a nama customer. then he won’t make it and he was only a lucky millionaire in debts, then those debts, are not going to be bought off him… But he will still have to pay, like every tax payer, the others bailout. Ouch, this must be hurting even more…

The biggest parasites of them all will survive & thrive.

Think puppies & cockroaches.

Its a piece of piss to kill a nice cuddly puppy, they’re so trusting & nice. Then try killing off cockroaches, the fuckers just keep coming back.

To make a comeback you have to go away in the first place, I don’t see that happening.