how much 4 bed semi clontarf

Hi,just wondering how much 4 bed semis in Clontarf are worth. Saw 60 stiles road for 840,000 on
Would be interested but my budget is 600,000 tops.Do the pinsters think this kind of a house will ever go as low as that. Thank you. :laughing:

Yes, and even lower but you must be prepared to wait. Be patient.

Thanks for prompt reply. I’m in the lucky position of not being in any hurry to move and am prepared to sit it out.
Ive seen a huge price reduction in the Clontarf area over last 18 months and of course this is only the asking price I m looking at. :laughing:

I think with a budget of 600k you could possibly get a look-in on that house, there certainly aren’t too many people around with 840k burning a hole in their pocket!

Saw the house last week and though the extension looked odd, mind you. Wrong style of architecture altogether imho.

396,750 euro no more no less would what my offer would be . . .

detached, 300 sq ft more, with a bit of potential for 140K less asking. … n-3/133101

Thanks for all your advice. That detatched one on stiles road with 300sf more has a bungalow in the back garden!!So I suppose that explains the price- and even at that they re dreaming.Know the area like the back of my hand.

Also noticed the weird extension at 60 stiles road. Looks like that back bedroom is very exposed and I wonder what the insulation is like.Also not keen on the flat roof over front room- again a lot of heat would be lost unless it is properly insulated/ dry lined etc.