How much are people really earning

There has been a lot of discussion about affordability in SoCoDub.

But how much do the professionals really earn.

I have come across an example of a 28 year old solicitor with 3 years PQE earning €90k plus pension (basic of €75k plus €15k bonus).

Her partner also a solicitor earns something similar thus a household income approaching €180k for a couple yet to reach 30.

If true, thats actually sick IMO…as well as being the type of stat which will be used to justify what just might be coming down the tracks…

I have come across one example of a 28 year old solicitor that doesn’t have a job. Not sure about their partner though. Where does that leave us?

Not enough

Two qualified professionals of similar vintage in my household on less than half that total and we’re way ahead of most people we know.

Depends on the “professional”.

Id say 50-60K would be the norm at 3 years PQE rising to about 90K when youve done your time (i.e. more than 7-8 years pqe). After that the sky really is the limit.

At 3 years PQE to be on 90K is quite special and I’d watch his/her career with interest.

Surely it more depends on the “profession” no?
Do business grads and engineering grads expect the same salary path ?

That’s a nice anecdote, thanks for sharing.

You try buying a house in SoCoDub for 180K.

Good man P. Flynn :wink:

That is not at all outside the bounds of normal pay levels for that profession, although the figures suggest to me that they may be in one of the bigger firms.

On the basis of my own information and a discussion elsewhere on these forums today, banks would lend them up to 4.5 times joint base salary, or €675k; they would probably also be allowed a few quid to account for their bonuses.

If the firm’s business is international in outlook (clientele etc) both of them can look forward to six-figure salaries in a couple of years time. So if they are thinking of buying, my view is that they should wait say a couple of years, borrow “only” €600k (staying below 3 times income) and get themselves a nice mansion in which to breed the next generation of cubs.

I’m 38. My salary peaked at about 30. After that you may be looking at a drop in wages due to lifestyle choices or outside events that you have no control of.

Morgan McKinley scale:

I think it was a line used by the then CEO of the HSE when discussing Hospital Consultants remuneration of 250K per year (although no reference was made to South Dublin).

Some nice big salaries on here too … guide-2011

I may go back to college. I really picked the wrong profession (engineering). Wouldn’t mind, I had the points to do pretty much whatever I wanted at the time. Then again I do like my low paid job after 6 years PQE

Sounds to me like they’re overpaid, but what do I know as a humble engineer :unamused:

It does help explain extortionate legal bills in this country somewhat.

I really think everybody should have an electronic engineer sign off on any new gizmos before they bring them into the home for safety reasons. A sort of middle man between the consumer and retailers. PAT testing should also be enforced on every household.

Are you their mortgage broker? How do you “come across” sombody’s salary?

Sounds high to me - maybe at 5 yrs PQE (unless they have recently jumped to a new firm in which case salary may have jumped but gets clawed back). 15k bonus also sounds high but if they got it then at that level they are billing close to €400k per annum for their firm

A qualified actuary with 3 years PQE will earn 90-100k plus bonus.

If they are willing to go contracting double the previous figure.

However there is a very small pool of qualified actuaries.

No, I am not a mortgage broker.

No, they have not moved firm. Apparently they could demand a higher salary if they were willing to move.

Billables for all newly qualified professionals (0-4 years) regardless of industry (legal, accountancy, actuarial, etc) would be in the range of €200-400k

I’m an electronics engineer in the mid-west with 10+ years experience. Salary before tax about €52k. In good years a bonus might add 20-30 % on top of that.

I sometimes think I’m underpaid, but I reckon I’m doing better than 90% of people I know. Having no mortgage helps (tips hat to the pin)…