How much do think the market value is for this property … vin/200045

its a bottom floor maisonette, had a look at it and its very nice 2 bedroom place, was on sale in March for 250,000 and down to 199,000, Do you think a property like this in say 5 years will be around the 100,000 mark?


Yes, even less.

And it’s not in Glasnevin, it’s Finglas/Ballymun.

Its basically just across the road from DCU so i think it is Glasnevin

I think you will find that anyone who knows their Northside would say that Glasnevin North IS Ballymun. Its in BALLYMUN parish for example.

Yeah, not sure how well you know the area, but it’s basically ballymun/bordering on finglas.

Maybe the OP doesn’t give a shit about post codes, if you don’t then it’s a safe and mature area.

If you do care about post codes then this is Ballymun, if you keep heading west you’ll be in Finglas when you cross Ballygal road east and you’ll be in Glasnevin if you head south and cross Griffith avenue IMO. As I said though, it is a nice enough area and certainly wouldn’t be anything like what people think of when they think of Finglas or Ballymun.

We’ll know where it is for sure when the post codes come out :wink:

I know the area well.its glasnevin

Yeah I know the area alright and it’s a good area, in your opinion do you think I’d be crazy to pay 165,000 for this? I’m really looking to buy somewhere now on my own, mortgage approval is only for 210,000 so it’s not like I can buy wherever I want


Wadelai is filled with students just so you know, lots of noise historically

Yes, I think you’d be crazy.
However, I have been known to be wrong.

At the end of the day it a small house split in two.
I’d definately be very careful to examine how this was done legally.
Who, for example, is responsible for the drains? Who has access to the garden?
Whos responsible for maintaining the paintwork? Do you want your half painted yellow and upstairs painted green?
What about parking a car? What about a property tax - would you be treated as one unit or as two separate units?

This one is a minefield, best left alone.

Stay well away from this . Problems , problems , problems as Needle pointed out . You can get a lot more value for money in this falling market .

This part of Glasnevin/Ballymun has always been a bit contentious. Years ago Glasnevin Avenue used to be called Ballymun Avenue and the residents got it changed. Wadelai is technically Glasnevin I believe. It’s only ok.
Just to add,needle makes some very good points. I wouldn’t touch it for all of the reasons he stated,no matter what area it was in.

Thanks for your advice lads, to answer some of your questions, the front and back gardens are mine and yes it’s 2 separate units, they where purposodly build to be maisonettes, there is 2 separate entrances for each house, there is a car park aswell

my offer here is 77,750 euro, 1 fiat punto, 12 light pigs, 12 heavy pigs and 4 palettes of palettes…no more no less…

London seems to make the maisonette thing work, but very few of them here. As a matter of interest - who would own the roof, if it needed replacing?

That’s a great point regarding the roof and I don’t know the answer to that

Are yours???
You mean you bought the gardens first with a view to buying half the house at a time?
Or are you the owner of the entire property??? :confused:

Sorry I meant they would be mine if I bought the property

Good catch, Sir!