How much do think the market value is for this property

aw poor stacksey…all caught out? no more no less…

Take the good advice given and move on. Wait for a while, some good bargains around. Don’t let you’re heart rule your head.
Good luck.

I think the OP is genuine and just maybe ran ahead of themselves with the “my gardens” thing.
In answer to the original question I think Yes without a doubt. 100k in 5 years? Easily and probably sooner than that.
Also some people do not/can not/have no need to aspire to the perennial (Pin) obsession of the 3 Bed semi in SCD, and something like this is far superior to a crummy apartment. (I love the garden :smiley: ) In short this would not be a bad prospect for €100k so long as all the legal liabilities and responsibilities were sorted **and in writing ** and protected by law, which, being Ireland, I doubt very much.

Why would he wait a while ? He has been CAUGHT out as being the OWNER and using the site for free advertising his sloppy gaff . . . No more no less . . .

I asure you i am most definitely not the owner of this property

Hey I believe you (a few people are paranoid around here).
One wee bit of advice - don’t buy that place if you plan to trade-up anytime in the next 10 years. If it suits your accomodation needs for the next 20 years then, maybe… just maybe… and go in with a low low offer.

Appartments and townhouses will not recover for a long time and transaction costs are significant. Don’t get stuck with something that will be too small in a few short years, as you’ll make a loss on the next move.

Best of luck.

I live in Wadalai. The standard houses there are not massive by any means so I think the maisonette would be very small. A house on stormanstown road was sale agreed last month for 225 (in poor condition) but general prices are a little sticky in the 250-300 region. If I were you, and you liked the area, houses etc, then hold out for a house. Prices should come back to 150-200K in a year or so.

In general the area is “Glasnevin North” but it’s just one of those stuck in the middle areas that’s not glasnevin nor ballymun/finglas. Noise is generally not an issue with the students