How much do you guys think

this property is worth?

Hi I’m new to the forum and was wondering what the general consensus is on Tyrrelstown?

Are there more price drops due?

150k at the moment I think

A 5 bed “luxury” home for 250k says alot about the area.

I have been out there and to be honest its a bit of a ghetto imo, I certainly wouldn’t want to live there and certainly wouldn’t want to bring my kids up there - so 5 beds for 5 mates maybe but thats it.

Keep you cash in the bank - 250k will buy you a nice 3 bed semi-d in south Dublin in the not too distant future.

That’s just my opinion mind.

They’re nice well built houses out in Tyrrellstown

In a few years the area may mature a bit better
for bang for your buck and raising a family you could do worse.
still some drop to come but you would certainly be likely to lose less actual cash buying this than you would paying 500k for similar in Blackrock.

I hope you have a car before you move there

The area is ok, the problem is you are miles away from everything and you cant walk anywhere.


A friend of mine lives there (in the same house type as this one) and she seems happy there -(she has made a good few friends there at the mother and toddler group) and I have never noticed anything bad in the area other than the usual ie. group of kids hanging around the shops. We have been to the pub and chinese and they are both nice. From what I know there is a couple of schools and a creche nearby, not sure about secondary schools in the area though.

I like the layout of her house and she just got her garage converted which makes downstairs space huge. Don’t know what the public transport is like, think there is a bus service to town. Both her and her husband have a car so that might be a must - although most places beyond the M50 requires car ownership unless you work on the bus route that is…

Good luck with your decision

It’s a good lump of a house but it’s gonna be worth less next yr

Here’s a thought I like - “All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience” (Goethe).

Thank you for the replies. I appreciate everyones input.

Looks like its been sold.

Noticed that myself Gannit - thought you might have bought it actually!!

I think there are one or two new ones left - from what I hear a couple of new ones sold recently - one for 290k (thats what my friend heard from the actual buyer). Can’t understand people going for the new one as its dearer and doesn’t have the garage converted, garden done etc.

Can’t understand that one myself Winnie. Was it one of the property’s in the oakland village development?

Sale agreed

Just heard on the radio, educate together school with 32 places… 200 waiting list. Prefabs in a field. No jumpers provided for goalposts… families? As long as they don’t have children…