How much does it cost to build a house?

Say on this site? … OASA377341

i’ve been told today (reasonable source), that some smaller contractors will take a job on at €60 per sq ft.

Sounds Incredible. Seemingly, in these uncertain times, turnover can be as important as profit - keeping fixed outgoings paid etc …

It depends on what site conditions are like, if you have to start moving underground pipes from neighbouring properties for example or move overhead cables costs start to rise. Likewise if finding a solid base for foundations is difficult you can start clocking up the costs.

And of course it’s South County Dublin, but I would think that you would budget between €1200 - €1500 per sq m.

Ok so that’s anything between 80k and 180k.
Might be a goer if I could get the site at a good price.
So, how much is the site worth then???

Don’t forget architects fees, planning permission fees, hidden taxes, ESB connection, cost of new roads etc, furnishing, painting, plumbing and so on.
The actual building of the house as in bricks and mortar is probably the easiest and cheapest part. I have found buying an old run down house, and modernising it is a lot cheaper and easier on the grey hairs.

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Our civilisation’s efforts to apply ‘scientific’ methods to it’s valuing are extremely tenous. The science involved is just as shaky as any old witchdoctor’s hocus-pocus.

However, it’s become popular to shunt to the side the philosophical and metaphysical questions that naturally arise when one considers the value of the land, and just play the fucking game… You just might end up on the right side of the fence in tricking someone into promising to work thirty five years of their lives for your benefit. BD

The planning permission isn’t outline - it’s for a very specific house. Possibly Bungalow Bliss :frowning: so you’d need to check that out. You’ll have no say in whether your living area catches the sun or where you put your back door…

If you’ve that much to spend on a site, find one with OPP and build the house you’d like in harmony with the location.

Likewise I would like to be able to build my own house and wondering what value is available in and around the Dublin region extending out to Wicklow, Kildare, Meath etc.

If a site has …

Full Planning permission - does it mean that the dwelling has to conform exactly to some architects drawings that were previously submitted i.e. you have no say in how the house turns out?

Outline planning permission - I guess this means that a site is zoned residential with a view to a dwelling of a particular size/height. In this case you would need to submit your own architects drawings, subject to the guidelines, and seek full planning permission?

Subject to planning permission - is this generally waste land / farm land? How would you go about checking if it is zoned residential and/or possibilities of it ever obtaining planning permission? If it was a patch of farm land is it realistic to think services such as water, electricity could be run to that location.
Basically, where does one start if you were going down this route? Prices are obviously comparatively cheap with this land.

Do all 3 categories have the Section47/Local needs restrictions i.e. must have family connections with locality?

It might be a pipe dream to think I could build my own house with my own designs but it certainly would be nice to know how plausible it would be now that prices of land/labour/material etc have come down.


I have been told €80 for a full “move in finish” including a 300 m road.

Now to get money off the bank, should be easy… :confused:

Site is “Sale Agreed” today, I wonder how much.