How much in debt are you?

How much in debt are you?

  • €0 :slight_smile:
  • >€0 <=€10,000
  • >€10,000 <=€20,000
  • >€20,000 <=€30,000
  • >€30,000 <=€40,000
  • >€40,000 <=€50,000
  • >€50,000 <=€60,000
  • >€60,000

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In total, how much do you owe (excluding mortgage)?

I should start by saying I am over forty so I have a head start on most of you guys.

I dont even have a car payment to make although I have been thinking about changing but VRT I consider to be stealing and along with the growing list of cartels uncovered in this industry where do you go for a decent deal?

Shouldn’t mortgage be included, seeing as how it forms the largest component of debt held by most individuals?

I’d say a lot of pinsters don’t have a mortgage, this would lead to a split in the poll between people who have little 0r know debt, and people who have a mortgage.

I suppose we need another poll to see how many pinsters have mortgages.
91% have less than 10,000 in debt. I am impressed :slight_smile:

You should include estimate LTV in mortgages

74% have zero non-mortgage debt.

Jesus we really are cranks.

How the hell is any economy supposed to survive with gobshites like us.


We should shut down this site. My pension fund depends on people borrowing to buy shite, I wouldn’t want to encourage sensible and prudent personal financial management. Spend spend spend, it’s your civic duty.

It could just be that the Pin has a higher than average share of the nations liars.


I would say something along these lines were more likely

Do I look like a bank chief economist to you? :wink:

Mrs Proximo will see to it Rd !

Pencil in 5% growth for next year …

I’d be very curious to know who has over €60,000 of non-mortgage debt :wink:

Buy in from the UK -

Im actually thinking of buying in a diesel car from the UK diesel after the new VRT thing is introduced in July, anybody any advice in relation to that?

I think you have to have owned it for 6 months in the UK before brining it here if you don’t want to pay VRT.

advice on VRT: i was going to bring in a car from the USA, the actual car cost 20k the vrt/vat/customs tax etc. brought it to 50k! the tax was 150% the price of the car! you can ring Santry VRT office and get a comfort letter then ring dublin customs and get the customs tax (which is calculated on the ‘valuation’ (set by the VRT office not on what you paid) + VRT) anyways, its a sham but if you get a letter then you have a concrete figure on the cost, compare that to what you can buy it for here. but one thing to consider is that in general brits take better care of their cars so if its break even go for the british car

But guys in relation to VRT on importing from the UK will that not decrease if you purchase a diesel where the emmissions are less than a petrol? I**.E. is there not the potential of a marginal loophole to be exploited as calculation of VRT is changed so we are only half fleeced by this thieving gubberment.** :imp:

Oh by the way Whizzbang I appreciate the info on the having to own a car in the UK for 6 months before bringing it here, I think someone in the past mention something similar. Anyway unless we get this shower out of power we will always be paying this tax as just one of the ways motorists are exploited.

Next they will be saying its a green tax to encourage people to use public transport :wink:

Cheers lads.

They should have zero VRT on electric cars, then we can all get one of these