How much renovation work to do?


Good luck.

But property prices do not always move one way - read some old threads!


Just an update on this and a further question .

I painted the house throughout - including the kitchen presses - installed a new boiler, put new carpet on the states and sanded the wooden floors. Didn’t do anything with the tiles or bathroom. Very happy with how it’s going so far. The garden out back isn’t in great condition - it’s just tarmaced - and what’s worse is that the state of the neighbours on one side is pretty appalling - all that’s between the two is a very badly broken fence… So my question is should I

  1. Put new wooden panels up around the entire garden, which would cost about 1.5k in total - there would be no concreting involved
  2. Build a 15m wall between my house and the dodgy neighbours and leave the rest of the garden as it is - it would cost about 2.5k
  3. Do nothing

Thanks in advance


I would buy mature bamboo trees, about 3 metres high, approx €75 each. They will screen off the dodgy neighbours and look a lot better than those awful panels.


Thanks for that. How many would you need do you think?


I agree with this, for instance you don’t have time to plant a laurel or griselinia hedge and get it to the required height to block the view. If planting bamboo don’t plant the type that spreads through the ground.


i cant see that being any cheaper

replace the wood panels and paint them to make them look better

however if the garden is tarmac its still not going to be massively appealing to people


I agree - it’s the neighbours that are the main concern though.


Do nothing or do both fench and relay grass.

IMO you will struggle to recoup the cost of the garden - assuming a sale price of €120-€140k


I’d be happy to get 120k for it. Planning to put it on for 115k.


I’d do #2. The wooden panels will need maintenance and can be damaged.
The wall will give longer term peace of mind and you can plant along your side of it to hide it over time.


long term is not his concern, he wants to present it for sale


Yes - I’m hoping to put it on the market in March


Who do you think will buy it? A family? Someone looking to rent it?

I wouldn’t go further then cheap wooden panels whatever the answer. I might consider softening it with a table, chairs and pot plants; all of which is take with me.


Probably a young family. Wouldn’t be entirely sure though. An investor would get €750 to 800 per month in rent so might consider it also.


Oopps, missed that.
I wouldn’t be looking at 1 or 2 so, not at €1.5k to €2.5k. Too much in whats a sellers market


Hi All,

Just said that I’d give an update on this and thank all who posted. The sale of the property closed on Thursday for 120,000. The only work I ended up doing in the end involved stripping the wallpaper and repainting it, putting in a new boiler and tidying up the garden.

I was surprised at how little interest there was in it. There was only four interested parties who came for viewings between August when I put it on the market and the middle of October when it went sale agreed. I ended up selling it myself because I didn’t trust any of the local auctioneers. Overall after renovations costs, legal fees, stamp duty etc, I cleared just over 30k in profit.


Well done.


Congrats, it’ll be a nice Xmas in yours.
Will you be buying again?


I’m keeping an eye out - not as many bargain out there any more unfortunately…


That particulr ship is out at sea at the moment, wait a few years for it to return to the docks and catch the next sailing!