How much savings do you have?

How much savings do you have?

  • <=€10,000
  • >€10,000 <=€50,000
  • >€50,000 <=€100,000
  • >€100,000 <=€150,000
  • >€150,000 <=€200,000
  • >€200,000 <=€250,000
  • >€250,000 <=€300,000
  • >€300,000 <=€450,000
  • >€450,000

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Many PINsters have large amounts of savings, ready to ‘pounce’ on the elusive bargain. How much do you have saved?


EDIT: Shouldn’t there be an offshore account option there aswell… 8)

I’m awful tempted just to skew this poll… Not that I’m suggesting any pinster would do that… :smiley:

I am assuming that house equity and pension funds should be excluded, right? As neither are readily accessible.

Should there be a similar debt poll for balance? :wink:

Great idea! Done! … ee579f4f33

Ok so we all have big savings and no debt… maybe we can do better than google ads with a demographic like that :wink:

My SSIA is still invested in equities. It was down 20% from last April, last time I checked (end Jan). Maybe I should have bought a house instead.

Crap, I thought the whole lot was supposed to be included in one figure.


Over 1,100 have visited this thread, yet only 76 entered the poll. Hummm…

If you look at the ECB poll below it has 1600 views and 70 odd votes, no cause for hummmmm.

That’d be the search engine bots dude :wink: …

Is this a conspiracy theory? Are you trying to build one with the same post on two poll topics? :unamused: :laughing: :smiley: :laughing:

Please see Debt poll thread for answer to identical posting :wink:

Oh I think its time now to roll out the FULL PAGE donation button to appear between each post :wink:

After paying for a Wedding and honeymoon in full, I am thankfuly 7K in the green, starting the deposit saving (currently renting hense have money to save).
Gona open the first active 7% interest account.