How much to offer on this property?

I have an appointment later in the week to view this house

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As you can see some of the rooms need to be completed but most of the rooms are furnished (judging from the photos) and it is very very big. I have a figure of 200,000 in my head to offer IF I like the house as obviously I wont be making a decision until I see the house. Im not 100% looking for a house at the moment but this house caught my eye as I am a bit of a DIY person and I dont mind doing some work on the house.

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Sounds very rural and very expensive for so rural and unfinished. Is it a good location for you? Me, current offer maybe 160k but this sucker will drop and drop in value. Did they manage to squeeze into the tax relief deadlines in the build of this one (build 2005?) if so may be worth a few quid more than otherwise.

73,267 no more no less would be my offer here. . .


Well we work just outside Cavan town so it would be a 20 minute drive away. We have been renting for the last 13 months (we sold our house last year) so we were thinking of looking at houses with a view to buying at the end of this year/early next year. As I said earlier we are not 100% wanting to get a house now but obviously if the right house came along we would be interested in buying it. I have been keeping a watchful eye on DAFT for the last 6 months and have definately noticed prices dropping a fair bit in Cavan. I wouldnt want to get a house that was more than 200,000 to be honest and will be looking for a detached house of at least 2000 square feet. When we do buy a house it is going to be a house we will be staying in for at least 15 years so I want to make sure that we pick just the right one.

Interesting valuation, do you have a rationale for it?

I find those pictures a bit sad. Somebody obviously over reached themselves or the circumstances changed.

I agree. They seem to have spent quite a lot on the kitchen and bathroom,whereas the bedrooms look badly designed and ordinary.As does the living room.

Yeah I thought that myself. I would like to view the house anyway but at the same time It might leave a bad taste in my mouth to think I could be benefitting from somebodys misfortune if I was able to get the house for a price to suit me.

Well as you said earlier you are working near Cavan town so you are going to have a fantastic choice of trophy homes available in the next year or two for very small money but in almost every case you will be benefiting from someone elses misery or rather their sheer lack of any common sense and foresight. Wait for something nice overlooking a lake, maybe its own jetty and place for a pony or two within your budget. The wait shouldn’t be too long. Mind you if this house ticks those boxes and you’ve got the cash good luck.

I checked where Crosserlough is on Google maps… its remote.

Unless you’ve some association with the area, I’d hold out for somewhere thats in a better location. At least along a more prominent road… consider what it would be like trying to negotiate your way to work/home on snowy frosty unsalted roads.

I’d also be concerned about the lack of finish, the amount of work and money to complete it and trying to heat 3000sq. ft.

By all means go have a look…

S/he uses this method I think:

Perhaps, but has anyone else noticed that The Welcome Guest’s comedy-lowball offers have been getting more realistic over the months? And I don’t think it’s because his/her valuation methods have changed either.

No, no one has except you.

Do you have examples?

I like the Welcome Guest.

He’s a bit like Moses the Raven.

His occasional, strange commentary upsets the other animals in this little farm of ours.