How much were nama paying pwc?

How much per hour were NAMA paying PWC for their 4 consultants

  • 100 euro
  • 200 euro
  • 300 euro
  • 400 euro
  • 500 euro

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have a guess

Who ever voted for 300 wont make senior partner.

I paid a plumber 100 lids for 30 seconds four years ago. (He arrived in a Merc and made a point of telling me how easily he could put his hand on a hundred grand).

So … does a PWC consultant do something as useful as touching a screwdriver to the latch on a dishwasher?

(And why is this even interesting? I saw those sorts of rates 15 years ago).

What does NAMA get in return for these high rates?

It gets to hear exactly what it wants to hear… It gets a stamp of authority and science on the views that it’s supposed to hold.

I note that one of the intial rubber stamp report meisters at the very start of this thing, who was paid to substantiate the government’s view on things, was an ex-PWC guy (Ron Greenspan). This report was commissioned around the same time as Peter Bacon (or a little before), to write what the government wanted to hear. … -wp-v4.pdf

As long as you’re on-message, you’ll get paid well - very well.


You see if you don’t pay the big bucks… they may actually tell you something you don’t want to hear!

The expression is “being bought” after all…everyone has their price…

actual figure = 400 yoyo per hour