How NOT to bid at auction

Girls from second series of “How to Be a Property Developer” showing us exactly what NOT to do when bidding at auction! “It’s like watching a car crash!” Presented by Gary McCausland.

How NOT to bid at auction

As PT Barnum is often misquoted saying “There’s one born every minute” :open_mouth:

Classic ! :laughing:

And this illustrates perfectly what happened to fuel the Bubble…stupidity :unamused:

Sweet Mother, I’m almost Speechless!

They should show children this in school, forget the safe cross code :open_mouth:

am still chuckling away…priceless…
now i feel all intelligent and superior.

and the thing is we all know those ppl, or our own versions of them, the ones who think they are sooooo much cuter than they think!!!..

lol…grounds for divorcee i think, being married to a pleb.

dumb and dumber! :open_mouth:

Utterly dumbfounded!

Agreed… This is the purest distillation I have ever seen of the Irish property market…

Were they Irish? This is a UK program isn’t it?

Still, I can well imagine there being a fair few savvy Irish investors like this!

A three bed semi, derelict or not with a reserve of 120K… definitely not Ireland… I just found that willful disregard for financial sanity typical of the market here …

This is a UK Ch5 programme, the presenter is Northern Irish though. I’ve seen bits of this programme but never the start of the series, so I might be wrong. But I believe Ch5 gives money to two amatuer developers at the start of the series and then they have a year to make purchases, develop them and sell them and then buy again going over the course of the year. The pair who make the biggest profit at the end of the year win. So these women wouldn’t have been bidding with their own capital.

ahh, I see, I’d say those producers were kicking themselves! :wink:

Nah, it makes good telly. That’s probably worth more than the £12,500 the women lost. 8)

It sounded like they lost more in the region of £30,000! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do I get the feeling their next TV appearance will be on an “Ocean Finance” ad?

Their next appearance will be in the Liverpool County Court at a repossession hearing. What a pair of Muffins , here is some audio