How offensively low would you bid?

How offensively low would you bid for this apt in Kilmainham @ 250k?

its actually gone up 13% according to our friends over at treesdontgrow. why would this be? maybe there are green shoots in the back garden! … sc#summary


What a strange question!!
How can any offer be offensive???
If you think it’s only worth five grand, offer five grand. End of.

€180k should do the trick if you are an FTB , nobody else will buy it .

IMO the developer of this apartment did not think that the person buying it would actually be living in it (i.e. it’s got BTL written all over it).

Biggest problem for me is no separate kitchen. We’ve been conditioned in Ireland over the last decade or so to think of this as “open plan living”. The reality of the situation it that it is a total pain in the arse and not suitable for anything other than a rented bachelor pad.

If you want my 2 cents, keep your deposit in your pocket, save like a mad thing and in 18 months time who knows what you might get.

Over to you The Welcome Guest… :smiley:

to be ‘offensive’? I’d say offer -90% off the asking price, however, you might end up being the one who gets offended! :wink:

It’s gone up because now you have the option to pay extra for a parking space - at 220k all parking was gone, allegedly.

Note **extra **. And you’ll be fighting the 3bed buyer for it :slight_smile:

To be fair as far as I remember there were 5 left when he dropped to 220k so either the EA is to be lauded for setting a saleable price, or cursed for thinking he can up the price now that there is ‘demand’.

Getting onstreet parking is a non-runner from what I’ve seen to it’s definitely more suited to renting.

Whatever you offer, demand the parking spot is thrown in!

screw that, offer 150k and mention the useless value without a parking space.

when they say no, say you might come up if a parking spot can be found.

if they bite, go no higher than 180k

Offer 180,000, leave your number and wait for the call in a few months time, when he comes back reduce the last offer by 20%.

Me personally 80K-100K is all I would pay for it…

Your way too early…

Read up on California…

Tick tock tick tock… … ex/a/23431

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Dont worry no matter what the clowns in Washington say they will bail them out like clockwork…

Prolonging the inevitable boom to be nuclear

gold star - top of the class!!

I wouldn’t go above 150k on this with parking.

To quote another poster…If you’re not embarrassed by your offer…you’re offering too much :wink:

Listen here, just look at your “kitchen” …

That will get old and fast…its ridiculous.
This is a shoebox thrown together and if an architect ever got close to the plans i hope he hangs his head in shame.
This is rental potential all over it…nobody sane would try and make a home of it.
150K is too much, crap like this is worth about 100k with a parking space in a sane market…and thats where we are headed.

A property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

If your low bid is the only bid, then thats what its worth.
If your bid is low enough that it attracts a counter-bid, then its too low.

In the 1st instance, its up to the owner wheather or not to accept your offer.
If they dont, then move on.

In the 2nd instance its up to the other bidder to beat you, then it falls to the owner wheather or not to accept the highest bid.

The process is very simple really.
Think of it as a tennis match - and always leave the ball in their court (and if you wanna be cheeky, make it a drop-shot) !


92k no more no less would be my offer here. . . Any more or less and you would need your head read

Would that make them a readhead?

The Welcome Guest - can you give us an insight as to how you come up with your mysteriously precise valuations - and I’d love to know - do you actually believe them or are they tongue in cheek?

(I have asked this question before but you probably didn’t see it).

Well then, if you don’t get a reply, don’t ask on a thread again. You can go one step further by trying a private message but, obviously, don’t harass the user.