How politics works

An interesting insight was recently given on how politics works in ireland. The last government needed the support of independents to keep them in power (and get the bank bailout through). Jackie Healy-Rea was one of the more prominent ‘independent’ politicians supporting them. Now it appears that the price of his support was 71million euro of expenditure on Kerry roads.

All very well, you may say, but Healy-Rea was just doing the best by his constituants. politics in ireland is never quite what it seems. His son, Daniel Healy-Rea - a well known contractor from Kilgarven has had numerous contracts from Kerry CoCo (of which he is a member) over the last decade.




What ostensibly appears to be a ‘public service’, results in a convenient convergence of interests with possible enrichment of a family member.
So thats how it works. John B Keane was right (Letters of a successful TD) and nothing has changed.

Shouldn’t someone go to jail for this? I mean, wasn’t Bertie technicaly bribing Jackie for votes?

Presumably if we were Iceland we would arrest the fu€&r

We’re massively over-represented. Was at the bundestag yesterday. 620 members for a population of 80 million.
UK Parliment is 650 for 60 or so million.
We’re at 166 members for 4 million.

The constituencies need to be larger to prevent the likes of Lowry and Healy Rae being voted in to power.
We wouldn’t have had 35 million wasted on an unbuilt childrens hospital either if Bertie wasn’t trying to buy multiple quotas from the public purse.

They all do it though. Cowen sent as many public sector jobs to the Midlands as he could. His earlier attempt at sending employment to Laois Offaly through manufacturing jobs in flextronics wasn’t successful. Response from constituents wasn’t good. "What’s the story with all these low wage, hard labour jobs. Perhaps we weren’t clear enough. We want sinecures. Can you come back to us again with what we really voted for."and he obliged by ramping up the hospitals and sending govt. departments down to the boys.

I would have preferred if this information had not been made public. Cute Hoors have got confirmation that if they vote locally that cash will be diverted from the public purse for their very own monorail.

26 counties of cute hoors who all think they have preferential access to the public purse over and above the other 25.

Don’t even get me started on the local FF councillors who also wore the hat of “captain of industry” had the inside track on all the investments that were being made in the constituency. Great lads they were, employed loads of people.

That week in politics show was a party political Broadcast on behalf of Lowry and Healy-Rea. Not a mention of the money Healy-Rea received from the County council for plant hire.

what did people think of the timing of the show?
St Patricks weekend of all weekends :angry:
Was it a concidence that news of this story broke - oh i don’t know only 5 years or so since Bertie has gone :nin

I agree with dipole though, sometimes I wish they didn’t show the “achievements” of independents that are bought,
just think of the number of hospital candidates we could have in the next election, add to that school candidates, septic tank candidates, and so on

I’ve been saying this for ages. The barriers to election in Ireland are ludicrously low. You can get elected simply by being on the right party ticket for transfers and promising to fix a few potholes, then if your constituency is in an electorally useful area, you get put in the cabinet so that your county can feel “important” and “well represented”. In Ireland, you can end up running a government department simply by speeding up a few passport applications, over which you should never have had any authority in the first place.

Can’t see why people care about this, it’s how the system works. nothing wrong about a politician looking out for his constituents. If the price of that is a few roads so what. Castlebar and Westport are getting their bit of gravy at the moment, too. Nothing wrong with it.

Seriously? … 41489.html

There is everything wrong with a politician looking out for his constituents. I vote to elect a national parliament, not a parish council. Anybody who thinks his primary job is to buy votes has automatically disqualified himself from public office, in my opinion.

in looking up an article recently i came across a definition fo a physcopath
i think FF has displayed at the characteristics:
•Glibness and superficial charm
•Lack of empathy
•Consistent decisions in their self-interest, even where it is ethically questionable
•Chronic, sometimes transparent lies, even with regard to minor things
•Lack of remorse
•Failure to take responsibility for their actions, and instead blaming others
•Shallow emotions
•Ignoring responsibilities
•Persistent focus on gratifying their own needs at the expense of others
•Conning and manipulative behavior

failed politics by a failed political party
time to lock the physcos up

If you believe that’s not how the system works then we may not be living in the same country.

As a followup, in an election I’m voting in the constituency, not for the nation. The only all Ireland poll is for the presidency, or referenda.

you do realise that even if you vote local you could still end up backing the wrong horse? … -eat-cake/

that is the reason why the constituencies must be made larger and the number of TDs reduced.

That could also be used to describe pretty much every successful corporation and political party across the world. How are FG/Lab any different? Or Tories/Lib Dems/Lab in the UK? Etc etc.

May I poll to have the thread title changed to

depends on what you mean by “work”; a lot of people would contend it is there to service a need, and within those parameters of clientelism it does so quite well, no matter the party affiliation.

Fair enough, but now that the great debt supercycle is over and the taps are being turned off, the short term fix of providing sinecures and jobs for the boys in rural constituencies is probably no longer sustainable in so far as its a luxury we can no longer afford. We may have been better off trying to figure out sustainable development plans for such areas based on a long term planning. The practise of buying off a TD who has the tightest grip on your balls is probably going to lead to poor decisions being made in the long run in a national context. Ultimately we all get what we deserve in the end, and the contituencies who returned the Lowry’s and Healy Rae’s of this world will probably find the quick fix injections they received were all short term measures which were designed to create a maximum impact over the term of office of the TD in question.

Nothing probable or uncertain about your analysis. It is fact. We live in its bastard dimension post fact.

Laois got public sector jobs, but not on the strength of anything Cowen did, I’d say. I can’t say, hand on heart, that he set foot in Laois during his tenure as taoiseach, and I kept a pretty close eye on his movements. It created considerable bitterness in the overlooked, drive-through county, which is one of those to have benefitted least from IDA grants and was ignored in the Midlands Gateway strategy puzzle.