how safe is my investment?

I have some funds invested in Quinn Life Freeway Funds (cash and bonds at the moment) and was wondering how safe those investments are taking into account that Quinn Groups has substantial involvement in Anglo Bank.
Could any of experienced pin members tell me what would happen in hypothetical situation in which Quinn would become insolvent? Will I lost my money in that case?
Thanks for your answers.

These funds are regulated by the Irish financial regulator. You should put these questions directly to the regulator, but briefly, should Quinn go bust, you are covered by the Investor Compensation Scheme, outlined here: … &aID=0#ICS

How about something like a pension fund in Irish life, is it limited to the 100K deposit from the government or is it treated as a deposit. If they did go belly up (not scaring mongering, just checking for my own information) and my pension fund was worth 120K would the government garuantee protect that.

According to Quinn you are incorrect…

below an email response from earlier this year.