How the market folds in on itself. - Folding house of cards.

This apartment is for sale for 381. … earchlist=

This for 320 … earchlist=

Both are 2 beds AND in the same development.

Why the difference. The apt for 320 was probably bought earlier in the boom and the seller wants to offload. The one for 381 was bought later. The seller can afford to sell at 320 and realise his gains quickly.

This will force the one for 381 to lower his price if he needs to sell and hey presto…market collapse.


The bedrooms are bigger in the 320k one!!! I feel like going round there with a placard!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but sloping walls which would be an immediate turn off for me. I think that they are both too expensive (I’m a cheapskate when it comes to apartments) but the sloping walls would definitely make a difference to me. Maybe not 61K of a difference, in fact certainly not but still…

The one for 320K is only 55sqm!!
The apartment I’m renting is 82sqm and is barely big enough for 3 people. Are the two bedrooms single rooms or something:-)

The price was originally 350K aswell !! .But price falls seem so common now…

=1&offset=80&limit=10&id=144820 - Attention first time buyers! Only €285,000

=1&offset=80&limit=10&id=151881 - First time buyers look away!!! Only €269,000

And here’s the kicker!!!

=1&offset=90&limit=10&id=132856 - First time buyers! Stop falling over yourselves there, the last of the 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms end terrace houses for only €259,500

High times in Kilary, Lobinstown indeed!!! :open_mouth:

EDIT: On reflection the dates entered on the lower priced houses might call into question their validity at this point, oh well! :smiley:

The second one above priced at 259,000 has this in the body of the ad - terrible copy-writing

=1&offset=20&limit=10&id=191640 3 Bed Semi-D, Navan - 273k

Same estate, same number of bedrooms!

=1&offset=30&limit=10&id=191094 - 285k

Now E275K. The 285K is still in google cache though.

They must have seen their neighbours price